Fraxel Lazer Damage - Carmel, IN

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I have experienced damage caused by Fraxel. It...

I have experienced damage caused by Fraxel. It took about 3 months after the proceedure to see my skin start to deteriorate. It will be 2 years in Oct. 2014. My skin has aged rapidly, and I have large pores that have blackheads on my face and neck where I got the treatment and lines on my neck and wrinkles on my face that should not be there at my age. I looked good before I did this now I look years older!

I've looked on this site since Jan. 2013 to read other stories. Today I called the FDA to at least report the damage I have from the Fraxel treatment I received in Oct. 2012. I was treated with respect, the woman listened while I explained my various skin damage. She will be emailing me to finish the report. She even gave me her name and direct number. She urged me to tell others to REPORT TO THE FDA so they will investigate the claims. I feel like there hasn't been a lot I can do to change what has happened or to stop the use of this Lazer. But she gave me hope that if enough reports are filed they will investigate it. So please take a few minutes to file a report! You can google the FDA, US Food and Drug Administration. Then go to Consumer Complaint Coordinators, each State has it's own number. Again, she urged us to call! She was an investigator herself, so maybe she will follow up. God Bless! Karyn

The doctor did not acknowledge the damage and wouldn't even look me in the eyes as I was trying to explain the damage. I asked for the before pictures and my husband and I showed him the difference. He wouldn't take after pictures! He offered free treatments, which admits something was wrong, but he acted like I was imagining it. Which sounds like a common response from the other posts.

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