41 Years Old Getting 550cc Hp with Nipple Lift - Carmel, IN

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I'm 41 years old wish i did this years ago after...

I'm 41 years old wish i did this years ago after i had my kids. my breast are deflated 34B , want them to be a 34D cup or 34DDD . Went to 3 consultations and i finally have chosen a doc. I'm so Excited my date is 10/4/16 to get my boobs done up! In 2 weeks can't weight and i'm scared hope they turn out perfect!

Today is big day!!!

I have been real busy this week didn't have time to update ,i get it done at 1130 today. doc said it will take 1:30 not long for 2 big boobs , No food or drink, wish me luck ! Here is my boobs now!

Im out of surgery

Went there filled out more paper work they told me what to do and I have to leave my tape on for 8 days and they will scheldually me another apointment to take the tape off after my days are up and thank goodness for my husband and,daughter for there help


Couldn't sleep so I thought I'd write you guys, just wanted to tell you how I was feeling, tight and warm think they're going to fall out when i open the door to let the dogs out!! I have been doing arm exercise, putting my arms above my head making sure my elbows touch my ears trying to remember to do that every time 5 time every hour. Can't wait for them to drop!! my chest can't wait for this tightness to relax hope the girls will be perfect when it's all done!!


Trying not to take my pain pills today , just taking Advil , they feel tight high , feeling like they are to big ! Took photo for you all to see will take more later on today .

Evening of 10 -6-16

very high can't weight for them to settle in ...


When I got up today feeling very tight ,there starting to look a little better today ! I'm going to try to go to gum today do some leg work ,keep you updated ladyshere is another picture of them today !
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Epplye he was great and talked to me like a person and help me to find the size and he acted like he cares !

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