Finally Getting Breast Augmentation Via Fat in Indiana - Carmel, IN

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So finally after going on and off about implants I...

So finally after going on and off about implants I decided it wasn't for me. I decided that fat transfer is a better choice, because it is all natural. I chose Dr Van Natta because he seems like the best doctor in Indiana and most experienced in breast augmentation. After meeting him today, I am confident that he is the right doctor for me. His patient care coordinator is also super nice and had really good advice. I am nervous, but also very excited. He said he will inject 400 cc in each breast taking from thighs and flanks, which would leave me with 200 cc which is less but I trust him and I think results will be good. I'm hoping he can fit more in like 250 cc in each breast but I'm not sure. I also asked if he can do fat transfer to my under eyes and cheeks and he included that in the package for me. I am also looking forward to that.

Paperwork and prescriptions

Got my paperwork emailed to me, and medication called in. Need to go pick that up with some vitamins and supplements . Also need to buy a thigh compressor. Trying to make arrangements with a babysitter for the week. Still excited.

Surgery day !

Today was surgery day. I went in early at 6 am (instead of 7) And after signing some papers,they made change into a gown, and sit on a sofa chair. The anesthesiologist who was super nice did my iv and spoke to me about it. Dr Van Natta came next and marked me and said good luck for surgery. Next thing the anesthesiologist came back and I don't remember anything. Then, I woke up in the recovery room with a nurse. I felt recovery was rushed I would have like to lay there more and had time to get my senses back. She said I was done at 10 and she had called my friend at 11. She explained some things to my friend which I could also hear and understand and then we left. They had to wheelchair me to the car because I was unable to walk. My lipo didn't hurt much nor did my breast. But my head and brain were not functioning . It was the worst headache and feeling. Like a paralytic one. The nurse said it was the medicines. It really took me till 5 pm to come into my senses and be able to type. I was walking, using the bathroom, eating . Only the nausea and brain fogginess bothered me a lot and the bruising of my left eye.

I came home had some Chex mix, pasta and Powerade. I was always feeling nauseous on and off and kept going to the bathroom. I had the nausea medicine and threw up a bit after that. But throwing up made me feel better.

My main concern is getting fat to the face. I am a bit regretting it and wish maybe I didn't do it. It's very noticeable and is swollen and bruised on the left side. The right side is normal and looks like me, but the left side is so swollen even my eye got smaller. And it's very blackish and purplish. My sis saw it and freaked out. I have four stitches on my face but they don't hurt at all. I really hope my face looks and feels normal. I am concerned at this point . I texted my doctor and showed him pics, he said it's okay. The thing is it's getting worse and I feel bad calling him all the time.

My bra was very very tight so I called my doctor and he said I could wear any comfortable no underwire bra. I was so happy. My boobs look great. He could only do 280 for both so 140 each but I'm happy. I had no breasts so I do like it. It feels like being engorged while breastfeeding.

Lipo I think hurts more. Not unbearable but sore. My pain medication was due at 4:30 it's been an hour and a half and it's also fine so I'm thinking of skipping the pain meds.

The nurse gave me a go pee cup and it's awesome. I'm planning on using the rest room, changing the pads of lipo with pantiliners , taking a sleeping pill and going to sleep. I still didn't change my lipo site dressing as I was scared so I'll do it now before I sleep.


Trying to change my dressing sucked . Blood squirting unable to put the compression thing back on. Made me so tired trying to zip it up with the foam. This is going to b a rough night .

Day 2 post op

Today was not as bad as yesterday. Breasts and lipo sites still sore, but I had more energy today. My face swelling I think is getting worse. It looks like a really bad black eye and I can't open my eye all the way. Still hiding from people because of that.

The nurse called in today to check on me. Dr Van Natta also spoke with me yesterday and gave his cell phone for any questions. They were both very helpful and answered all my questions.

Hope tommrow is better especially my eye. The sleeping pill they gave didn't work yesterday on me, hope it works today. Goodnight

Day 3 post op

The day went better than yesterday. Walking around feels better . But ladies this is a serious surgery, not something your body will heal from immediately. Face looks horrible, the black eye and swelling is actually worse. I am off pain meds and everything, only vitamins. I was counting down to take a shower and it was good. I finally got to take out the foam from under my compression garment, which was nice . Had two bowel movements today, will stop taking stool softeners. Boobs are shrinking , one more than other. Sucks but it is what is it. Lipo sites healing good, still hurt especially when sitting or laying down for long. I can't wait to visit my doctor and get the stitches removed. My face is really bothering me. Oh well time to call it a night.

Day four

Both eyes bruised and swollen . Just hating this day by day. And regretting a lot!

Lipo sites and breasts doing okay.

Felt good enough to drive and went back home to Chicago. Feels good to be home, but means back to work soon.

Just waiting for day to be over.

Goodnight .

Day 5

Things are almost normal except my face. Activity resumed. Swelling is same in face and black eye still there. Can't wait to get facial stitches out ! Have started using arcania cream on black eye. Hoping it helps !

Day 6 post op

Since yesterday the swelling and bruising is down significantly. Thanks arcania gel and pellets. Should have bought them in the first place and started them earlier. If u are doing facial grafting then please use this.

Lipo sites and breast still sore. But normal
Activity is all resumed.

Breast shrunk ! I think I'm measuring B cup and it looks like it might go down. Time will tell. I hope to it stays. I really hope the 10,000 is worth it !

Dr is great the lipo looks great! He did a good job with that. He didn't remove much cuz he couldn't add much to my breast . I had 140 cc into each breast . But still I am satisfied with him and think he did the best he could with my body !

Dr visit today . One week post op

Went to Dr. Van Natta . Got my 4 stitches on face removed and under the breast . It wasn't painful at all! His assistant took them off. Dr Van Natta was friendly like always, he is very easy to talk to. I had a list of questions ready and he answered all of them. He really is a good skillful doctor. I am glad I chose him and will go back to him if I need anything. He said I can work out, sleep on my side, and do all normal things. I do have to continue spanx ( love your assets) from target for two more weeks, and then he said I don't need it.

About surgery day, I didn't have much fat to take out from thighs and he said he couldn't fit more into the breast because they were tight. He pointed out I was a c cup and by two months and results should be consistent. So I was very happy about that as well. I am glad overall I did this.

Face still bruised but getting way better. I can use creams, makeup and facewashes. I don't know about my results on face. Feels like a lot, but hoping it will go down and I'll look a bit how I used to. And cheeks will hopefully go down a lot!

Breasts fat transfer was success. Face is till needs time to heal will update in two weeks.

Week 2 post op

Face is normal finally and looks great. Same as before but better. Boobs are great too and still big, thank god. Need to wait 2 months to see final results though. Went to VS and got some bras . Started massaging breast with olive oil, and evrything is normal with boobs, even scars have gone down. Lipo sites are healing and bruised on legs getting better . One more week in compression and then I'll b done .


Just went to my consult and I may do it again. Most of the fat went away. With $10,000 gone, it's really sad. Sometimes I do wish implants was a choice for me cuz atleast it all stays. Mixed emotions now: will update again.
Doctor was very nice and offered to do a revision with no cost to him. He is doing his best. But with 3,000 revision cost for the operating room and anesthesia, have to ask hubby if we can afford this. Appointment is next week for pre-op and consult.

He is very nice and informative. He also cares for the patient and tells them what they need to get and dosnt want them to overdo anything.

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