Laser Hair Removal Went Well - Caribbean

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I have done one laser hair removal treatment in...

I have done one laser hair removal treatment in the past. I am light tan in complexion (caribbean african decent mainly). The laser works well if the hair is dark which I have. The hair grew back and fell out aftertwo weeks. After this it grew back thinner than before. I saw real results.However a series of treatments are needed. I shaved the hair and it grew back thick and dark as before. You need to do a series back to back for full results. Also be sure the company use a safe laser, especially for dark skin as you can get burned or pigmentation issues. it was costly, my lower legs only cost me about $400 usd. to do my full legs would cost double.I did my treatment in the caribbean at the reputable clinic. i would do this treatment again when I can afford the full series of 4 to 6 treatments. the company use the biolase and softlight laser.

It was painful as the laser burned the hair however my skin was not damaged. After care was the application of burn cream for 3 days. I was fine from then on.

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