On a Countdown to Start my Journey and Need Some Advice - Cardiff, GB

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After years of dieting fails and a recent illness...

After years of dieting fails and a recent illness injury, I found myself at absolute rock bottom.
I had a spinal injury last year, which has left me with poor mobility, incontinence and daily pain.
I can walk short distances using a walking stick and have to use a wheelchair for anything more.
I went for a routine GP appointment a few months ago and found that I had piled on four stones in a year! So I decided that I have to make a drastic change to my life.
I've met my surgeon (a lovely man with plenty of experience) had approval from another Dr and am now waiting for some tests.
I've been told that I will probably have my surgery in early October.

Would anyone have any advice for how I should prepare?

I'm concerned about making sure I have the correct supplements and also hair loss.

Any advice is very welcome!

Still waiting, and some complications!

So the hospital has let me down.
I paid to see a consultant surgeon and another Dr for a health check, only for the surgeon to call me to say that the hospital aren't equipped to treat patients with a high BMI.
I made a complaint because I felt like they hadn't communicated with me at all, plus they shouldn't be offering weight loss surgery when they aren't set up to deal with obese patients!
The excuse is apparently that it is a new service they are offering and they are still in the process of setting the whole process.
So I received an apology and my money back.
It's been a tough and emotional few months. My Dad died suddenly in August and I've been constantly psyching myself up for the surgery.
The consultant surgeon I met has now referred me to another surgeon in the Bristol hospital.
So hopefully things will start happening!
Dr Jonathan Barry

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