24 Year Old Male 7 1/2 Stone (105 Pounds ) Weight Loss - Cardiff, GB

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My names Mathew and live in South Wales UK. At the...

My names Mathew and live in South Wales UK.
At the age of 20 I was weighing 23 stone. Never saw the importance of eating health before it was too late and the damage was done. I started my diet when my younger brother started to lose weight. I said to myself if he can do then what's stopping me ?
We both started eating healthy, personal trainer twice a week and gym every night expect weekends. Between the two if us we have lost 15 stone in weight (myself losing 7 1/2 stone )

I have been at this weight now for the past year and been training harder than even but as you can imagine the skin just doesn't seem to moving.

I'm booked in with spire health care in Cardiff for my operation for tomorrow morning. I haven't been that nervous leading up to the date as I'm exited to see then end results and hopefully this will be the icing on the cake that I've worked so hard towards.

Some before and after weight loss


Day 4 post op

Went down at 10 am Thursday morning and was back in my room by 12 pm. They removed 3.3 pounds of skin / fat everything went to plan and surgeon was very happy.
He came to see me at 8.30 the following morning and said he wants me to get up and move about and hopefully get the fluids moving before taking the drains out at lunch time. Walked up and down the corridor very slowly and bent over, he was right the fluid started coming and drained a lot of fluid before having them out.
Drains came out at 11.30 and was sent home by 12.15.

I've been very surprised at how well I've been getting on, been getting into /out of bed by myself with no pain whatsoever just little discomfort.

Very happy with the result at the moment even with being VERY swollen and bandaged up. Got an appointment Thursday to go change the dressings and a general check up. Will post some more pictures at the end of this week with the new dressing and see how the swelling is going.
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