3 IPL Photofacials - and Now I Look Sickly Pale!! - Capitola, CA

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Initially I sought out IPL for stage 1 roscea on...

Initially I sought out IPL for stage 1 roscea on my nose/cheeks. I had a localized treatment in this area 10 years ago and it was very helpful. After some reserach, I decided to go for not only rosecea - but to target the hyperpigmentation on my chest, neck and face as well. In the initial consulation, the doctor recommended 3 treatments. I was extremely pleased with the first and second treaments - the freckles were practically gone and my rocasea had improved. I seriously considered not returning for the third - but I had prepaid for 3 - and the receptionist made it sound like I couldn't get a refund for the third one - and so, I finally decided to go. WHAT A MISTAKE!! How I wish I could turn the clock back. I am seriously sickly upset about the results. I look horribly pale - like an ill person. People take double takes at me. It is so embarrising. I am horrified everytime I look in the mirror. I spoke with the doc about a week after this treatment to let her know about the results. She took a look at me and said that I have returned to my normal tone (she compared my face to the underside of my arm). She suggested that if I did not like the results I could simply get some sun and color would return. She said I did not have hypopigmentation - but she said something about hypovascularity. Now I'm freaked that they zapped the normal blood vessels of my face. One more thing - the rocasea has not cleared - and so, now I have rosy cheeks and a pale face. Im actually appreciative of my rocesea now - because without it I would have no color what so ever! Apparently, this pale look is not from simply ridding my face of the freckles right? It seems they zapped vessels that should not have been zapped. Will they return? Will I regain a normal color in my face??? If so, how long wil it take??? I feel so ashamed for not asking more questions about the potential results before doing this.

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PS: I rated my doctor as terrible only because I really feel she should prepare people for this kind of result. I was told my "base tone" would stay the same. Well, I think docs in this position should show pictures of people with results like mine - and then let them make the decision. I was shown a picture of a before and after - and basically the women had the same coloring - the only difference was freckles before not after. One more thing - I think the recpetionist should have said hey - if you don't want the third treatment we will refund that portion of your prepayment. Why push someone into a treatment like this once they have expressed that they don't want it? This is a person's FACE after all - not a handbag!

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