Lips with Sillacone and Restylane Done 7 Years Later Experience, Pls Read!

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I am a 33 year old young woman, who once back in...

I am a 33 year old young woman, who once back in 2003/4 went to a doctor in Lebanon in Beirut to have my lips done. I was very happy with the outcome, everyone has a different lip shape so it's up to the doctor to know where to put the filler for your own particular shape, a little bit like a personal stylist for your individual lips.

I had it done over a period of two weeks, she injected just the sides of my top lip, to make it look pouty,... not the middle Cupid's bow because she said my lip shape should only be done from both top sides,..

7 years have gone by, and the dangers are now clear about sillacone injections, at the time i did not know, and just wanted bigger lips,.. luckily they turned out good, and 7 years later lumpy bits started appearing on sides,.. but still ok,...

Yesterday I went for a restylane injection in Cape town South Africa, spending about 200 Pounds sterling... The results are terrible,... He only filled the top cupids bow, and it had never been filled in,.. now I have the classic trout pout, and the lip look I once had no longer exists,..

I have a profile picture of my lips before Restylane,... they now look terrible,.. I want my origional lip back with the sillacone, because that was better than what I have now... I still have bruising,...etc swelling,.. but I absolutely hate the shape of the top lip,.. nothing was put in the bottom since my bottom lip is good... I have a natural big lower lip. Now the problem is what to do,... how to bring the cupids bow down,.. looking much smaller and more natural,.. the key is all about the look being natural,... so no one says anything.. I am locked inside and am going through a crisis,..

The worst part is,.. I did it for my cheating fiancee,.. to try and make myself more beautiful.. Stupidity has taken over and this lesson has come about,.. Think first and discuss with your doctor your own personal lip shape, and exactly what you want to achieve,... remember Natural is key, and that is what men want... Nothing more.. Please help,.. me to restore my natural lip,.. with the origional filler of sillacone since it looked better what it does now... with hope..

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