28 Years Old 3 Kids Looking into Breast Implants. Cape Girardeau, MO

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I have always been very small around 110-117 lbs...

i have always been very small around 110-117 lbs and very small chested around a cup.Would love to be a small c cup.i have just been looking they types and sizes and im not sure what to go with.I want natural nothing to big and bulky just cleavage when wearing the right bra.My consultation is in may so i kinda want to go in having an idea of what will look good on me.


I forgot to mention I'm 5 8. My consultation is set for may 23 2016. I'm nervous but very excited. Still want something not to big but some cleavage. Still aiming for big b to small c cup. If anyone has any advice ill hear you out.


Went to Cap for my consult today.Surgery scheduled for Aug 31.I'm going with silicone 325 and 350 hpp.Super excited should turn out to be a large to med c cup.

2 weeks post op

Had my augmentation aug 31 at four pm,in cape mo. The first few days kinda sucked.I iced them a lot and slept a lot.Stopped all meds on the 5 day,i was hurting but not as bad.I went to a c cup from a small a. They are starting to soften.Stitches should come out on my 3 week appt. They are nice and high.I love them and do not regret any of it.The pain really is not so bad. Dr Humphrey was very good at helping pick the right size and profile that best fit my body type.He did an awesome job.The bra holds them nice and tight,i cant wait for them to feel more soft and drop.

Dr Humphrey and his staff are so very...

Dr Humphrey and his staff are so very welcoming,they made me feel very comfortable. They helped me choose the right size for my body type that would look more natural. The nurse even called to check up on me the next day. Thank you and your staff so very much.He decided to do the high profile silicone gel 325cc and 350 cc. Under the muscle and cut under the breast line.

Cape Girardeau Plastic Surgeon

Dr Humphrey was amazing he did an awesome job helping me pick the right size for my body type. Thank you so much for making me feel beautiful.

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