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For all the rave reviews I wish you well and I...

For all the rave reviews I wish you well and I hope you don't have any issues in the future. After my first visit, immediately following surgery 2 implants fell out. Was told not to worry and give my bone a chance to heal and grow stronger. When I got home, a couple months later 2 more fell out. A couple months after that, my top denture broke in half. Went back to Mexico, had implants replaced, new dentures, told to return 2-3 yrs. As soon as I returned home, my teeth began to fall off one by one. Complete devastation. They said to mail my teeth back for repair. Post office said they needed an authorization of sanitation paper from the clinic in order to mail. They had no idea what I was talking about. They then told me to maik my teeth to a complete stranger in Florida whom was visiting their clinic and he would take care of my teeth. I was stunned. Were they serious?! I have emailed Dr. German Arzate three times now with no response. From what I have witnessed, he only cares about patients who can bring him in the most referrals and who can make raving YouTube videos about his practice. A local dentist told me these teeth are made of very poor quality. Im not asking for a full refund. I just want enough money back to get a PROPER set of teeth made!!!!
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