52 Yrs Stubborn Belly Fat, 5'3 79 Kgs (Size 16 Australian) - A.C.T.

Always have had stubborn belly fat especially ...

Always have had stubborn belly fat especially after the age of 40. No diets have ever worked to rid me of it. I saw some photos advertising it in a clinic and the before shots looked exactly like me so thought id give ita go after researching the actual clinic.
It is now 8 weeks after my first treatment and Ive noticed two little indents in the areas in the lower abdomen. Id like to have seen more but I am assured it does take this long and another 4 weeks to see the total 25 % of fat reduction for THIS treatment (it was recommended I have 2 - 3 )
Im not sure if it is worth the money yet. I do feel it is quite expensive and unless you can easily afford it Id think twice for the noticeable result can vary. I will report some more at the 12 week mark and say what I think then. Ill also let decide then if Ill go back for the recommended 2nd treatment. The interesting thing is there is no guarantee and I believe they are definitely making a mint on these treatments, more than the net result is worth!
CAPS Clinician

The clinician who acted for the Dr (who I haven't seen yet) was very friendly and informative, no complaints there. Good after care and recording of results.

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