Sculpt These Thunder Thighs - Canadaigua, NY

For the past few months i have been "interviewing"...

For the past few months i have been "interviewing" some of my local PS (Western New York). Today I believe I met the surgeon who I will trust to do my surgery (Dr. Kimberly D'Amore). This women not only took her time to explain everything to me, but gave me realistic feedback and overall appeared genuine. Unfortunately the price is like WHOA!!!, but I do have the option of breaking it up into two parts vs everything all at once. Basically my focal points are (my immediate concerns) inner & outer thighs and knees and (2nd area of concern) hips and back area (rolls). To do all of it will take approx 5 hours and of course the large fee ($10K) at once. With that being shared - any suggestions. She did share that if I decide to go with just the thigh work and later determine I want some "touch up" done, that would be the time to do the upper part as well (2 for 1 almost...I guess). Ultimately I realize the decision is up to me; I guess I'm just "talking" out loud.
Kimberly D'Amore

Wonderful from the first time meeting her. She is patient and listens to you.

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