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Hey! I’m a 22 year old female. No children. So...

Hey! I’m a 22 year old female. No children.
So basically when I was younger I was pretty overweight (almost 300 pounds at 14). During secondary school (16 years old) I decided to make a lifestyle change and lost over 100 pounds by changing my diet and starting to exercise. This was great! But after losing all that weight I was left with deflated breasts and an apron for a belly. I’ve thought about this long and hard for a good 5 years and started the process in April. To be honest I’m a long time RealSelf lurker and it was many of you and your reviews that got me going and made me set my date finally.

On the day of surgery I can honest to God say i...

On the day of surgery I can honest to God say i almost died of fear. I got to the surgical centre, I was put in my private room to prepare. I got my gown on and then when i was time to walk on it I wanted to run out of there, Luckily my ride had left because if it was an option I would have bolted. Anyways the last thing I remember is the DR saying I was about to go under.

When I woke up oh dear mother of pear did I have the worst chills ever. I couldnt find a comfortable position. My back hurt and there was just no pleasing me. But I think that was due to coming out of the meds and stuff. After a few hours of doxing in and out of sleep they took out my catherter and had me hobble on over to the bathroom.

Here was a bit tramatic for me as I remember being upset that I could sit down all the way. Anyways... To be honest getting up and walking around is the best part. I kept getting up and now i feel less stiff!
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