Labiaplasty Trim Method! Not Sure if I'm Healing Okay? Toronto, ON

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I decided to get labiaplasty (trim method) at the...

I decided to get labiaplasty (trim method) at the age of 17 because I had been uncomfortable with the area down there since I was 12. I also had a clitoral hood reduction done as well, however I have a few questions/concerns and I was wondering if anybody could provide some input.
1. It's been four months and I'm still in pain when I exercise? Is this normal? I had the surgery done by an extremely experienced plastic surgeon.
2. My clitoral hood is still very much exposed and still looks as if it has obviously been stitched. If I wanted to get this done again how much would it cost? I am really uncomfortable about it being exposed.

I don't think I'm really that swollen anymore, but I'm not sure. Please help!!!
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