Too Much $ for Juvederm-Canada

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I had 2cc of juvederm (2cc) injected into my...

I had 2cc of juvederm (2cc) injected into my cheeks. 1cc into each side. I suffer with facial lipodistrophy. I feel the cost may be excessive. It appears even more is needed at this time, only 2 weeks later.
Pros = smooth, effective.
Cons = cost.

Dr. Jean Carruthers

My first visit cost me $150 for the consult, $600 for the Laser Pulse Therapy,(full face) $150 for 30ml of C E FERULIC antioxydant. Total with tax, approximatly $1.000 american. On my second visit, they implied I had made plans to have botox treatment for the frown lines between my eyebrows. Suggested price, $900.00. When I declined, (as I never did have such a CONverstion) the attendant left, returning within 30 seconds to inform me she had made a mistake, the cost of the juvederm was the "old" price, the "new" price, was $200 more. I will not be returning a third time. The cost of the 2cc of Juvederm was a total of $1950 american/tax included. Sorry, they did not provide before and after photos. If you are sincerly interested, I will ask for them.

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