Glad I Never Got Braces, and Waited for Invisalign! - Ontario, Canada

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I never got braces as a child, because I was...

I never got braces as a child, because I was entering high school and didn't want to be the kid with the brace-face. As I got older, I realized that was a mistake. I never had horribly crooked teeth, but I had crowding on the lower front teeth, and my two front teeth were slightly turned out and forward.

At age 20, I got Invisalign. At first the trays were uncomfortable, and I wondered what I had gotten myself into. Shortly after, I got into the routine of having them- removing them to eat, brushing my teeth several more times a day. The best part was, no one knew I had them!! I see adults with conventional braces, and I feel like handing them a brochure for Invisalign!

The results happened quickly and were fantastic. I am so happy to smile with confidence!

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