Wife and Mom of 2, 26Y/O, 5'7, 120lbs, Natrelle Inspira 370cc XHP

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A little about me first: I am a mother of two...

A little about me first: I am a mother of two stinkers (4 and 18months). Both were breastfed for about a year each; which has done ALOT of damage and left me with very deflated 34Bs'.

I just went to my second consultation and was very happy with how thorough this PS was - definitely will be booking with him but my only problem is, with my BWD being 10cm and being very petite, I am limited to any options for implant sizes. My choices right now are 285cc or 310cc (Natrelle Round Smooth Silicone, under the muscle with a inframmary incision) and with the look I want, I will be going with 310cc; but will this give me the look I want in my wish boob photos?

Ugh, I forgot to ask what profile the implants are. Could any of you tell which Profile it is through my one sizer photo?

Should I email my PS and ask if he'd go any bigger than 310cc? What would you ladies suggest?

5'7, 120lbs, Natrelle 370cc HP Silicone Unders

Decided to go with 370cc HP SIlicone Unders. Surgery will be in Jan 2015! PS said it'll give me the desired look i'm hoping for. What do you ladies think, given my stats (5'7, 120lbs, BWD-10cm) and pictures? Do you think it'll be a good size for me? I have yet to try on the 370cc sizer but I will be going in sometime this week or early next week to try them on!

Anybody else with a small BWD? What are your stats and what size implants did you get?!

My BWD is 10cm on both sides. The implants my PS and I agreed on are Natrelle Inspira 370cc XHP, which has an 11.5cm diameter and 5.4 projection. Will 1.5cm gonna give me too much side boob? Just curious if anyone elses' BWD is that small and what implants did you get?
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