Natrelle 410FF Full Height Full Projection 425CC -Teardrop,Anatomical

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Hey, so ive been waiting years for this.. I even...

Hey, so ive been waiting years for this.. I even had a surgery booked last year and canceled a few days before due to uncertenty, but now I'm ready! And damn am I ever excited. I've noticed there isn't a lot of before and after photo online of the #TearDrop implants which made my decision extra hard. With that being said, most of my gfs all have round implants and personally I hate the round look and want them to be bigger, but with that natural shape/slope. My surgery is 2 months and ten days away! December 15th!

I will post my wish look first.. ( the desired shape I want ) I'll also post before, and after images Anyways I'm super excited !

($10,735.00 CAN)

1 month and 25 days away from surgery

My goal this month is to get my body nice and tight, to quit smoking and prepare for being stuck in my house for 8 weeks binge watching greys till I'm better.

I think I'm most nervous for the healing process, I just want everything to go perfect, and to look the way I dream they'll look.

My before photos taken in April

I currently wear a 36b/36a depending on the bra. Here are some of my photos taken in April

7 1/2 weeks till surgery more before photos

My right breast underneath dents in so they're extending my pocket on that side. Thought I'd collect all my before photos and store them here.

Wish Boobs

ST-FF130-425 Allergan TruForm

What's on my mind? Well I'm one month and ten days away. All week I haven't been sleeping over all the questions I've had consumed in my brain, so today I emailed Dr Jugenburg office ( Kim specially) she got back to me with an answer to every single question and I'm back to being excited rather then nervous.

One of my questions where the exact implant and method we are using to put the implant in. The implant is ST-FF130-425 Allergan TruForm .. which I love. I'm so excited for Dr Jugenburg to give me something I've dreamed of since a very young age.. and I have faith he will give me the results I imagine.

*Fingers Crossed*

1 Day 17 hours till surgery


Fresh out of surgery

Just finished my surgery with Dr Jugenburg in Toronto. I've followed Dr Jugenburg on social media for about 5 years now ( Facebook) today went very well. I'm just feeling a little emotional because I can't sit up by myself, and to me that's frustrating.

So ! I arrived at the Royal York, which is where his Clinic is based out of. I checked into my hotel room which comes with your surgery then headed down to the clinic, I felt so comfortable before the put me to sleep. I found the nurses and Anaesthesiologist very calming.

I got wheeled up to my room and placed into bed, my best friend is here to help me, and the nurse will be checking on me tomorrow before it's time to head home.

At this point just the centre of my chest hurts and I'm frustrated I can't get up by myself.
dr Jugenburg does Snapchat his surgeries ( with consent of course ) it will be on snapchat for two hours you can watch mine at @RealDr6 , in the first Brest augmentation , with shaped implants . I loved this because I got to see my procedure ! And it didn't look ruff at all. Will attach some screen shots from that

Second night

Ready for bed. Not taking this thing off till my check up next week! Dont want to ruin them ????????????

Secound night - alone all night for the first time.. not fun

Just woke up in a ton of pain to take my antibiotics. ( 1:30-am) I Just took 1 1/2 perks, and set up the full dose of two for 7:30am when I have to take my new round of antibiotics. Going to try to get back to sleep before they kick in. Having issues doing my press down the centre of my cleavage.. its hard to do it yourself since that part hurts to do but pushing through.

Goodnight everyone !

No ones ever on here


5. days after surgery, they're perfect so far !

Honestly they're amazing so far. I can't wait for them to not be swollen anymore. Tomorrow is my checkup, excited yet to see what's going on under all the surgical tape. My pockets are even.. they're better then I could of imagined, just praying when they heal and the swelling is gone they don't shift . Loving them they're ST-410 FF 425G

Teardrop Anitomical Implants- Natrelle 410FF 425CC 6 Day Post Photos

Hi everyone,
The other day I went to my surgeons office for a check up and to get my bandages changed and cleaned so far I'm happy with the progress. Going again on Thursday to get them changed. I took some photos at the surgeons office and also when I got home before my bath any photos of me without my bra or band on is usually before my bath seeing as how I don't like to take it off for any old reason . i'm determined to be patient and let these bad boys heal properly anyways here's some photos don't mind the bandages I know that's a little gross

2 week post op check up !

Everything is great so far still lots of swelling but overall great shape and healing great . We agreed to wait till next week for the stitches to come out. I'm also aloud to start doing leg exercises so very excited about that.

Dr Jugenburg uploaded a Snapchat of my Post Op check up today which I'll be able to post on here also.

Natrelle 410 FF 425cc Two Weeks Post Op

Video from two week post op Natrelle 410 FF 425cc

Explicit - Click to view

Don't mind how they're uneven. It's all swelling !Loving my small incision scar. Happy with the healing so far, just cannot wait for the swelling to go down so they're even and my nipple don't look like torpedoesx

20 days since surgery ready to drive?

I put the? In my headline because I'm not sure if I'm personally ready. I promised myself to wait to the six week mark because I really don't want to mess up the healing of my breasts. Despite the fact that my surgeon told me today that I could in fact drive I'm still sore so I'm nervous that would ruin my result.. I'm also not allowed to go to the gym and work out my upper torso so I figured turning the steering wheel well it's kind of the same thing. ... i've been stuck inside for so long why I'm kind of at my breaking point and I just want to drive and go get a coffee so I'm going to strap my boobs up in all the bands and attempt to drive up the road to get one. Wish me luck

3 weeks post op

3 weeks post op

4 weeks post operation scar

1 month after surgery these are my scars, using a bio oil lip to show you the size of my incision

6 weeks post op


Loving my boobs !

Dr Jugenburg is amazing. My boobs have gotten to the point now where they look completely real.. and not to mention feel and move like real breasts. Very happy girl over here

Loving these

Scars Practically Invisible!

Scar Colour

Scars have faded lots! And it hasn't even been a full year yet !
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely amazing. Only 7 Day Post op and loving the results Dr Jugenburg created for me, I'm very anal about my boobs and the way I wanted them due to the fact I pose naked. He hit past what I was expecting. Great experience! Highly recommend him

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