24, B36, Getting 425CC Anatomical Textured Silicone Implants - Toronto, ON

Hey, so ive been waiting years for this.. I even...

Hey, so ive been waiting years for this.. I even had a surgery booked last year and canceled a few days before due to uncertenty, but now I'm ready! And damn am I ever excited. I've noticed there isn't a lot of before and after photo online of the #TearDrop implants which made my decision extra hard. With that being said, most of my gfs all have round implants and personally I hate the round look and want them to be bigger, but with that natural shape/slope. My surgery is 2 months and ten days away! December 15th!

I will post my wish look first.. ( the desired shape I want ) I'll also post before, and after images Anyways I'm super excited !

($10,735.00 CAN)

1 month and 25 days away from surgery

My goal this month is to get my body nice and tight, to quit smoking and prepare for being stuck in my house for 8 weeks binge watching greys till I'm better.

I think I'm most nervous for the healing process, I just want everything to go perfect, and to look the way I dream they'll look.

My before photos taken in April

I currently wear a 36b/36a depending on the bra. Here are some of my photos taken in April

7 1/2 weeks till surgery more before photos

My right breast underneath dents in so they're extending my pocket on that side. Thought I'd collect all my before photos and store them here.

Wish Boobs

ST-FF130-425 Allergan TruForm

What's on my mind? Well I'm one month and ten days away. All week I haven't been sleeping over all the questions I've had consumed in my brain, so today I emailed Dr Jugenburg office ( Kim specially) she got back to me with an answer to every single question and I'm back to being excited rather then nervous.

One of my questions where the exact implant and method we are using to put the implant in. The implant is ST-FF130-425 Allergan TruForm .. which I love. I'm so excited for Dr Jugenburg to give me something I've dreamed of since a very young age.. and I have faith he will give me the results I imagine.

*Fingers Crossed*
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

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