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I had a procedure done 6 years ago, and I...

I had a procedure done 6 years ago, and I absolutely hate this doctor's work. This man actually thinks he can do no wrong, and he doesn't care less if you are satisfied or not. It's all about money to this Doctor, he won't offer to pay for your transportation back and forth to his office - believe me you'll be back for corrections if possible. Well, I'm still in a battle with this doctor because he doesn't want to help me remove some of the material he randomly and haphazardly pumped into my face. I don't actually blame him because Bio-Alcamid lied about it's easy removal to move this product. He overfilled my face, which I adamantly warned him against before the procedure, but he continued to pump 7 cc more than I needed.

My appearance is terrible, and I look deformed. The doctors describe me as 'not THAT bad', and women think I'm 'slightly scary'. Those are hard words to swallow because I WAS a beautiful man with a beautiful smile, but now I am less than that. I've also lost my ability to read because of one deep injection which damaged a nerve near my orbital bone.

Of course, the doctor won't admit to any wrong doing, but he is wrong, and is the worst doctor I've ever know to walk this planet, certified by a Board. I just can't believe the Canadian Board certified this doctor to stick needles into patients faces - it's unbelievable. I could have done a better job blindfolded. Well, while others are losing their face to infection, or have lumps the size of golf balls on their faces - I'm so sorry. The product has problems, but only amplified with the wrong doctor.

There are success stories with this product, but only by those who understand it's application. The doctor who performs the procedure is PARAMOUNT. I'm sorry I didn't do my homework, and I wouldn't recommend using Bio-Alcamid for anything, there are better products out now.

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BELIEVE ME, my doctor has no idea how to infect fillers correctly. After my initial visit I looked like a freak of nature, and to this day, I still do because the risk of removing this product is greater than the reward, and my Dr. will never touch my face again.

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