Have You Done Artesense (Artefill) Recently? - Canada

I'm french, i'm very sorry for the grammar,...

I'm french, i'm very sorry for the grammar, spelling or syntax mistake that following.

I'm very interesting by Artesense (Artefill US). I will probably like to use it as a filler to straightened my nose (I would like to hide a small hollow) and i would like to enhance my high cheekbones. I start being very interest since i read the optimal resultcome after 3 months, if i'm right this would give a gradual and natural result ?

I read multiple review and unfortunalty most of them are negative. I think there is some improvement since Artefill (compared to Artecoll) wich is be FDA approve ?

I do my research about everything that goes wrong, and yes, i would do allergic test and continue my research before the surgery, but for now i would like to have some very good surgeon names in Canada, i would like to see people who have good result, and know more about their experience.

I promise i will share my experience when it comes the time. Right now permanent filler have a very bad reputation and i still believe that if it done in a good way by a good surgeon result could be pretty good.

Thank you very much for your time.
I appreciate a lot.


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