Can Burning Chemicals Really Be Good for Your Skin?

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Come on now people, we are not snakes. Nature did...

Come on now people, we are not snakes. Nature did not make us that way, we don't have to shed our old skin and get a new shiny one. It is against the law of nature and it is dangerous. How good can applying acid on your face and then waiting for it to peel off be a great thing? I felt wierd about getting it done in the first place, but did it anyway, due to pressure from my friends. My skin peeled off sure, but only to give me a new "white" skin... and i mean bleached white. The natural color, the pinkness, its all gone. I am ghostly white now, like Jackson. It is horrifying and painful. I thought that my new skin would be better than before, but i never thought that i would just lose the little good skin that i even had. I got it done to take away some tan and some scars, but what i got that the end was a skin that looks less human. The doctor says that this is normal and this is what i should have expected. I truly had not thought so. The moral of the story, let your skin be natural. It is better to look like a graceful old lady than a scary ghostly " old but dying to be young" wierdo.
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