SmartLipo with ThermiTight on Thighs and Knees - Campbell, CA

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I am a 45 year old Asian, mother of 2 girls. I...

I am a 45 year old Asian, mother of 2 girls. I have a pretty good body,but my weakest link was my thighs and knees. Hence I decided to try SmartLipo. I had regular Lipo done 10 years ago on inner and outer thighs and they left my skin wrinkled ( especially my inner thighs). Hence I consukted with a doctor and decided to give Smart Lipo with ThermiTight a chance. I had my procedure done today. I checked in at 8am. Left by 2.30pm. Feel pretty good so far. They have me all bandaged and in the garment. Hence can't tell much. I do feel much pain as yet? Plan to walk 5 miles on treadmill at 4 miles/he later tonight.
I was worried after all the comments I had read on the procedure being painful and it was not. The only part which was u comfortable, not painful, was when they numb you and inject the numbing fluid. Rest of the time I was awake and continued to work from my cell ( I am in software tech industry) and I worked on my cell during the entire procedure and did not feel anything. Maybe pain and swelling will kick in later tonight, will update as the days go. Here are my pre-op pictures taken yesterday ( 1 day before).

Day 1 post-op

Today was day 1 post-op. I did not feel any pain, I still have some drainage, but not like yesterday. I can see some bruising, some swelling. Did not feel much pain, hence did not take any pain meds. I was able to do 3 miles on treadmill at 3.5 speed and felt pretty good after the walk. The part that worried me was that I did not see a dramatic difference in my thighs. I went through this to get skinny legs. Hopefully after the swelling goes away, I will see big change. The doctor told me he removed 1100 cc of fat. Is that a good amount of fat removed? How much have others had fat removed to see a big noticeable difference? Was anyone able to see a big difference in their thighs on day 1 post-op ? I would be interested in learning how long it took after surgery were you able to see a big difference in inches.
San Jose Dermatologist

So far the experiences has been excellent. He gave me his cell and email to contact anytime. I am very picky in my results. I have a perfect dream upper body, need a Lowe body to match that and will review based on results I see

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