22 Years Old, 2 Kids, 5'2", 120 Pounds, Breast Lift W/Implants. Campbell, CA

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I am so excited to get this procedure done, I've...

I am so excited to get this procedure done, I've been wanting to do this since after I had my first child. Now that I'm 99% sure that I'm not having anymore children, I feel like it would be best to do it now. I highly respect my Plastic Surgeon with her 27 years of experience - she is extremely polite and obviously knowledgable. She instructed me to wait to get the procedure done after the milk in my breasts has completely dried up, otherwise I would've gotten the surgery done last week, haha! This is the only hard part for me right now :( But, I can only get the surgery done this month otherwise I'd have to wait until the holidays and with family get togethers out of the city, I knew that wouldn't be possible. Anyway, here are a few before pictures..

Sizing Appointment #1

Here are the pictures from my first sizing appointment. I had tried on 397 cc moderate profile implants and 425 cc high profile implants. I had liked the moderate profile "benefits" more, so my consultant had me try on a pair a little bit bigger than the 397's since they'd be placed under my muscle. I really want to achieve a more natural look with the whole "side boob" thing going on, but I really like how the high profile ones look on the side compared to the moderate profile ones. I don't have any pictures of the moderate plus sizes yet, but I'd definitely love to get some feedback from anybody regarding which looks best :) I'll post more pictures tomorrow after my pre op/second fitting!

Wish Pics

Here are my wish pics! This MUA is 5'1" and around 100-110 pounds and I love how hers look!

Pre Op/2nd Sizing Appointment

I had my last sizing appointment this morning and I'm going with the 435cc Moderate Profile Implants! I wish I could just have the surgery tomorrow and get them like NOW, haha. My surgery is in one week!!

Week 1 Update

I'm officially a week post op! The surgery went by so quickly and everyone at the surgical center were SO sweet. I only took the pain meds the day OF surgery because I couldn't handle how nauseous I felt even with anti nausea pills. Since then, I've been using Tylenol and at this point I only take it at night to help with my back pain. I feel SO good I was expecting to be bed ridden the first week but I was able to return to work the day after (since I have a desk job).

I ended up going with 435cc Moderate Plus instead of 485cc Moderate Plus. Dr. Rosenthal focused on my safety, the maximum I could fit on my little diametered chest wall, and what she felt would look best/more natural on my petite frame and of course I took her advice :) I know it's still pretty early, but some days I do wish I went with the 485 but now that they're settling in little by little each day, I can see how much these implants are fighting for space on my small chest. Plus, I did not want high profile implants.

I feel like everything looks and is going perfectly. The only trouble I've experienced is the difficulty breathing at times and how much my back hurts from laying down...they're super heavier than what I was used to.

Dr. Rosenthal has been very kind and I am so glad I chose her as my PS!

Week 5 Update

I've reached five weeks! I feel like they've both "dropped" a lot. My left breast definitely feels firmer than my right breast, so I'm trying to massage them more. Scabs and everything are gone; I just started using Biocorneum today for the scarring and redness so I hope they'll heal nicely. I tried working out my upper body and went swimming this week too. I don't feel any different in the water, but I definitely feel strange when I exercise, so I either took it easy or quit all together. The most exciting part for me so far is that I got to go bra shopping at Victoria's Secret...I'm officially a 32DDD! SUPER happy with the outcome. Sometimes I feel like I still want to go a bigger but I'll see how everything will look in the next few months :)

10 Month Post Op

I wanted to wait a good amount of time before I would post an updated review. It has been about 10 months since my surgery and I can't say I'm 100% satisfied just yet. Although I am excited about the big jump in size from my initial A cup, I'm not where I want to look ultimately. I'm hoping that now that my body has adjusted to the new implants, I can finally go up in size this year. I'm planning on going back in regards to a few concerns that I have around: Keloid scarring, rupturing, and stiffness. The area around my areola is raised and sensitive - much like my c section scar and I hope to get treatment for this to allow them to lay flat so they won't cause anymore pain. I feel like my right breast has ruptured, which is extremely concerning to me because I can literally feel something when I try touching it + there is rippling as well. Also, my left breast is much stiffer compared to my right breast. So I'm not sure if this is how both should be feeling naturally or if something is going wrong here. Regardless, I hope to go back in soon to get everything checked out!

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