Skin Lightening regime - Atlanta GA

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Hi all ! I just read @Pretty_bleu story and that's...

Hi all ! I just read @Pretty_bleu story and that's why I decide to share this with you.

New comer in the realSelf family, I am heading to a looonng journey to find the ideal skin, the ideal LIGHT skin. I am actually in Cameroon, ending final exams and in 2 weeks I will be in Georgia, ATL to carry on with my studies.

Younger I was rihanna fan ("navy" they call'em) but with time I realize that what attracted me was her complexion.. When I was born, till the age of 10 I had a super light skin like really yellow bone, even lighter than rihanna. But I enrolled into sport activities and played as a junior in the national handball team of my country. So as you can guess I darkened as F* burning by the sun and shits. When I grew up I remember they used to call me "the family white mama" cuz I was way lighter than anyone in the family and hell I liked that lol.
I started trying to get my skin back. Using full of "H" products. You can guess it wasn't a funny game. Ankles, elbows, arms, knees dark, and dark spots on the rest . I tried soooo many small pieces of hydro shits. But to be honest I can't even remember what worked and what didn't because I did become a lil lighter but not really naturally. It is because of the fact that I spent almost 3 to 5 years trying to get lighter that I obtain this small result today, since my skin is more sensitive to products.
So now I decided to be more organized in my skin care journey. So I hope @pretty_bleu will see this post lol and many others too to have my back if I am kind of diverging to dangerous path or to take advantages of my experience.

ATL show me what you got for me!

Atlanta is very super beautiful!
I am finally here now I can start with my program. For the meman time all I bought is baking soda and I make my toilet with it. That's what I am usingto exfoliate now.

First impressions

Ok everything has been delivered.
I ordered O'tentika Fade Out Cream, Pink, 8.8 Ounce, Diana Stalder Papaya Kojic Acid Skin Whitening Soap, 2 of Neoprosone Complex forte Brightening Cream 1.76 ozand O'tentika Maxiton Complexion Milk, 10.6 Ounce. All of them for $86 approximatively on Amazon.
Today will be the 3rd day I have been using those and what I notice is that everytime I apply the neoprosone creme on my face I feel like tingles all over my face. Maybe it means It is working (or not lol)..
Anyway till what I was doing was making a consistent mix of baking soda, lemon juice and water to exfoliate. I applied it all over the body for 3min then removed with water. This will make your skin very dry so after removinng it make sure to hydrate.
So now I am using the Diana soap for my toilet. After getting out of the shower I let my skin drying (but not to much) and then I apply the O'tentika fade cream all over my body. 3min after that, I apply the neoprosone gel, wait for like 2 min I apply the O'tentika maxitone lotion at the end.
So here is my morning and night skin lightening routine. I will post a picture of a before and after within 1 week for you'all to see the result.


I am considering the 30% skin peeling but after investigation, peeling is not really to whiten the skin but to lighten it by removing dark spots, dead skin layers and so on.. However you can feel like your skintone changed and it will do but it is just because "your skin was not just clean enough" lol. Nevertheless, after multiple usages of peeling lotions you can feel like you become shades lighter..
I never used it but I investigate a lot about so ...

Also the Calista lotion is too expensive for me right now and I want to finish with the previous products before adding other items. I will leave them a 2months trial then I will judge if it is worth it or not.

More than what I was expecting

Okey that is 1 week and some day I been using the above products AND DAMN IT IS SOO GOOd! I can feel my skin less dry and glowing, I can see how it becomes even. That is amazing.
However I add some other items to them because I got acne and dark spots from past acne, and blackheads in my face and it is just unbearable. So I saw on youtube that for acne the benzoyl peroxide is very efficient concerning the fading of acne. I bought acne cleanser and acne spot treatment from clean and clear. All for about $11. And I am still using the O'tentika fade cream combining to it. And it has been 3 days I am using those and guess what? all my acne starts getting the fuck off my face. I will illustrate all these with pictures.

And for my readers I have a question. Can someone tell me what is the best straightening cream for hair and where can I find it? Thank

Keep on touch.

I got a HUGE GIFT for ya

Just look at this blog
The magic product is ... (drum songs)

CATHY DOLL L-glutathion cream spf130+++

I am gone try it RIGHT NOW!!


Lactic acid accid peel not that harmful

Yea I made a lot of researches last times and I found that lactic acid peel is not offensive AS LONG AS you use it with moderation. All of us are aware of the sensitivity of our skin so don't ask too much to your body.

Acne is gone now let start spots fight !!

My acne is completelyout of ny visage !! But the clear and clean treatment left many dark spots.
So I bought 1oz of lactic acid 88%.
I took 3oz of my otentika lotion and melt it with the LA. That makes a 20% LA lotion. Quite nice huh!
Not only nice but soft enough to put on the whole body. My skin starts being even and my spot are gradually fading.
But also added to these product I m used to wash my face every morning and evening with the clean and clear cream cleanser .

Waiting time

Now I am waiting for my 90% LA from lotion crafter and my cathy doll L gluta cream ...
For those who does not know how to make an LA lotion here is the mathematical tip:
Let assume we have a 90% LA of of 2oz and we want to make a 50% LA lotion.

So let figure out gow much of the 90% we must use: 0.5 = x * 0.9
x= 0.5/0.9= 0.55555555

Now let figure put how much Plane lotion you need:

Let y be the plane lotion volume

0.55555555* total volume of LA lotion= 2oz

So you need 3.6-2 = y = 1.6 oz of plane lotion and 2oz of 90% LA to make a 3.6oz of 50% LA lotion.

Sorry I am a programmer so if explanation needed just reply :)

Oh I almost forgot

When using any products with Glutathion. Mixed them with the use of vitamin C and E if possible.
Gummies are portable and so sweet.
That is what I am going to use :)

Sorry for the spelling

I am rushing right now lol so I am sorry for the writing mistakes!

First Lactic acid peeling done, started my hair regimen but still waiting

I got my 1st 60% LA peeling today. It was more itchy than painful.
min of peel and I see some redance on my face but I got antioxidant recovery cream by Planet cream to help me no feeling the pain plus cocoa oil too.
I love experiencing many things on my skin. Some will say it is no safe but I don't care I want the "perfect skin".
I also started my hair regimen. It is the most easiest regimen I have ever seen and guess what IT WORKS on my hair cuz I can CLEARLY see my hair growing. I kinda mix 2 methods I saw on youtube
- the inverted therapy
- the entire hair breathing
They are amazing.

See you soon


Did someone hear about this guy? what do you all think?

Well well well I have a lot to say

First I will start to tell this update backwards. So now I am using a home made mixage. Caro white jar + gluta lotion + nadinola + cocoa butter + caro light tube + pure hydroquine 30% ( I bought 100g of 100% hq and diluted it)
So this will be my first day of usage and I can tell you that I feel like my skin is gettin a little bit hot and turn a little bit reddish during the application. But I cannot really tell u if it works now. Before that I tried a little mix with nadinola and hq and water and after the 5th day my arm lightened lik 1/2 shade (and I ama serious). But it is not the light like the pinkish white I am aiming to but it is yellow. I knew it will be that is why Everyday since 2month now I taking a gluta pills+ vitamin C gummies. That I bought on amazon. I can't see the result now because, from what I read it should first remove all oxident in my body before the side effect (lightening) starts.
So yea till today I spent a lot of money tryin to get the right products but hopefully this should work.
Also, for my face (and I am so proud of my face) I use ponds whitening deep foam( I think) $7 on amazon. IT IS PURELY AMAZING. It gives me this pinkish glow on the face and erase the yellow color due to the product I use. It cleanses your face like hell and lighten it. I will recomend it with a scream!!!
So yea that is it.
I am planing to buy 5 box of GLUTAX 9g injections. I m still saving money for that ( $90 per box but am tryin to negociate with the seller for $60)


It is a scam! Dont do it! Please dont order anything to them.
And YEs for those who are going to ask if I am using the gluta cream i mentioned months ago. I am using it for the night on my face. It is a thick white cream so I cant use it durin the day.


For those who are using and who planned to use, I please you to tell me or pm me about the product. I am really attracted by it ( tho the shipping in the us is HELL OF expensive)
So please more info about it will be welcomed

My mequinol journey

I bought mequinol 10 on ioffer by mzcarolina and just ordered 10 tubes on goldpharma. Lemme explain why.
First it is been 2 weeks and 3 days that I am using it. I got burnt the first week because I used it with kojic san soap DO NOT DO THAT. Use an exfoliating hydrating soap. Pliz !! Because it will dry yr skin as hell. 1st off you will peel like a SNAKE. But do not over use the product. I use it 2times per day during 5days and the weekend I just moisturize my body with baby oil and cocoa butter. I do it now but before like I said I burnt myself by using it everyday.
So far it is good these first weeks was like hell because I darkened at an incredible pace and the burnings was not helping. Luckily the darkning is even so you just need to treat your body as dark skin is not that bad. But now can see some light layer under the peeling. It is red meaning it is a whole new skin so you should treat it delicately. I mixed the mequinol cream with dermo white, paris serum. I can tell you it is working but concerning the lightning it is said I should wait for 2môths at least. Since my skin is fuckin sensitive I might start seeing result in 1month and some..
I am going to test the goldpharma mequinol by mixing it with alcohol and dermo white. I will see how it is going. But I will use 3tubes purely just to see the damages and results. It is said that you can use 1tube in 3weeks max if mixed with a natural oil. So yea. I m using it on the whole body and my face underams, inner tighs, breasts and under breasts and NECK are peeling faster.(my neck is thhe part that burnt :( :( :(
So yea that is it.

Yass yass!!

A lot of peeling going on but I am no dark anymore.
We really learn from our mistakes tho. I basically burnt my skin with the kojic soap and mequinol as I said. BUT now I am healing and peeling more smoothly than before.. No hard white dead skin falling off and hanging on your face. How did I do that? On Amazon I bought curel itch defense to avoid scratching your skin and derma intense fast healing to heal my burnings irritation and redness.
I but curel at night after putting the mequinol and put derma during the day after putting my Haloderm cream from guesso. Yes I bought Haloderm and it is a lightener. Now that my skin peeled product like that acts faster. So I bought the soap tube and the body lotion which I use during the day. And at night I do mequinol treatment.
A LOT OF SUNSCREEN!!!! Since neutrogena sunscreen is not greasy and almost invisible I put it every SINGLE TIME I step outside. I use spf 70.
I add a picture of my upper core just to see how it peels and my thighs have small white patches due to mequinol.
I am still waiting for my golpharma MQ.

Pictures of the product

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