37years Old, Weight Loss, Melted Face!

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I havent had the procedure yet but I have a...

I havent had the procedure yet but I have a consultation on 10th June with a plastic surgeon for fillers. I can't really afford all what I want filled at the same time so I am starting with the tear troughs which is my main concern, then a month or 2 after would like the nasabial folds corrected and possibly the cheeks. After losing 3 stone in weight, it seems my face took the brunt of it and I am left looking older than what I am. My tear troughs have been the bain of my life for the last year and no matter what I try to do, there is no way of making them look any better. Lighting is my enemy at the moment!! Ive always had fairly good skin and a plump looking face so to see it as it is .. is quite mortifying and depressing. Anyway, I will update as I go along after the consultation and with any procedures I go ahead with as I have found this website to be a huge help whilst researching etc and hopefully my own input can help a little!

A better view of the tear trough

This picture gives a more detailed look at the awful baggy under eye area.

I did it!

Well, went and had the tear troughs filled yesterday! Turns out I had a double trough so I had the monster lower one filled only. I was going to have 0.5 under each eye but had 0.5 restylane between the both instead as I'd actually rather start under filled than over filled and as I wasn't looking for a miracle, just a little improvement, I went ahead with the smaller amount knowing that I can always go back for more! It was a painless procedure and was done via cannula which is what I wanted. Just one needle mark rather than a few! So far so good but am swollen and bruised so will up date as the next couple of weeks go by. For now tho, the huge hollow no longer creates an ugly deep shadow and the rest of the darkness can be covered without the blackness of the trough showing through. I'm happy so far and can't wait to see my results in a week or 2!


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