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So here I am about to have my teeth teeth whitened...

So here I am about to have my teeth teeth whitened for the first time. I was so excited but like most people had heard the horror stories of having the Zoom treatment, some people even likened it to giving birth. While I have myself never been in that situation, I do watch movies and was terrified at the thought.

I went through it anyway. So here I am sitting in the chair with my head back and gauze in my mouth nervous as hell as I could think about was 'Please God I hope I don't get a zinger'. As I sat there and the assistant placed the light onto my teeth I stared at the wall. Nothing. 15 mintues later...nothing. I was pretty pleased thinking these other reviewers are just babies..and then BAM!!! It shocked me!

I was not ready for it and the light was not even on! I thought wow that was pretty intense, short but intense. As I started the second session everything went fine and once again after she turned the lamp off BAM!! and a few second later BAM!! I only made it through the third session and I was could hardly stand the sharp pains which felt like stinging electric volts running through my teeth and into my head. Ouch.

I decided to finish the whitening at home later in the week, and after about 1000 mg of ibprofin tried to fall asleep, but woke up several times. Ahh what we do for cosmetics.

I don't think I would get Zoom again, but I would definately do the bleaching trays. It is not a bad procedure, it really just depends on how patient you are willing to be. It works but it's painful. Seems to be a reoccuring theme in modern life.

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