Do Not Ever Do Ultherapy - California, CA

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Just prior to doing Ultherapy,I had been through...

Just prior to doing Ultherapy,I had been through an incredibly stressful time and I panicked when I noticed the toll it had taken on my face. There was sagging at the sides of my face (outer edge of eyes drooping). This came on suddenly and I immediately started researching my options. I spent weeks doing what I thought was very thorough due diligence to pick the best course of action for me. I came across Ultherapy and I read results ranged from excellent to slight change. Being desperate, I thought that a slight change is better than nothing. Never in my wildest nightmares did I imagine I would end up like this. For the first few weeks after the procedure I kept thinking I was seeing improvement. Swelling from inflammation certainly can look that way. Unfortunately that gave way to me wondering why the face in the mirror was morphing into someone I did not recognize. I have been left with a face that looks skeletal, with very saggy, wrinkly skin ( my skin was darn near perfect before the procedure), hollowed eyes that droop much more significantly than before. Hollowed all around the sides of face, forehead,temples and around mouth. The only thing left are my cheek muscles, which by comparison, now look very big and out of place. All of which makes me look haggard and much older than I am. I have been trying to figure out how to fix this for the past two years, but I am so afraid that I will only look worse, not to mention the cost of up keep on fillers is way out of my budget. If that hasn't convinced you to run as far away from Ultherapy as you can, about 8 months after Ultherapy I lost most of my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.I have seen very little improvement, so I suppose those issues are permanent as well.. I also have eye issues that never existed before. My cornea was scratched (worn contacts for 25 years prior with no issues), it became infected to the point that the ophthalmologist was convinced I would lose it and need a transplant. Fortunately, that did not happen, but my sight is irreversibly and significantly damage. Almost a year later they found damage to my other eye. I am now as close to a recluse as you can be. I am devastated by everything that has happened and embarrassed with myself for causing it. I can't bring myself to post pictures at this time. I'm simply not that brave yet.

I truly do not believe that this has anything to do with operator error. I think my doctor was sold a bill of goods which she passed on to me.

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