FULL TT One Month Ago (Mother of Six)

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Hello everyone,Like every women I have...

Hello everyone,

Like every women I have "kids", but I finally had my last almost 2 years ago but altogether I have 6 kids with one set of twins. I am thrilled that I did it, the results are fantastic and I looooooooove it.

I am not going to lie to you when I came out of surgery I was in severe pain and needed my Vikiden right away. The feeling is not the same like a c section it is a feeling of tightness and a lot of soreness but it hurt like hell. They took off 4.5 pounds which is alot to me because I am not a big girl but I know after all the kids "I believe it."

Thanks to my husband he took care of me for the first week because you can barely walk and if you do it reminded me of the movie hunchback of notre dame because you are hunched over just to walk to the bathroom. Yes, like they say take a stool softner because the pain meds will make you constipated or it will hurt when you use the bathroom. The drains didn't really bother me that much my doctor took out the drains the 5th day of post op.

I am a month into it and I can see my muscle definition in my stomach that I have not seen since I was 16 years old. Now I can wear anything I want without the folds of my extra skin and fat. The scar is not bad neither and not that devastating to me after having the c section scar but I can't help looking in the mirror every time I pass by because I still can't believe it. I will post a picture after I figure out how to download and all the good stuff. But to those who is deciding to do it I say go for it but do your research as far as doctor's and everyone results are totally different. Follow direction and stay healthy is the key.

Good Luck

Jessie Mitchell

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