Thermage Eyes - East Bay, CA

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I have been debating for 2 years or so about what...

I have been debating for 2 years or so about what to do about my eyelids. They are definitely sagging and hang down to my eyelashes. I know it will just get worse since my dad and grandfather have/had it. I was considering surgery but I am nervous since I have seen a lot of people who look bad after. I decided to do Thermage eyes but I am skeptical since I have heard so many people say it was worthless. I am 41 and just did not feel ready for surgery yet, so I did it last week. There are no results yet but I did not expect them yet.

The Thermage laser did not hurt except in a few spots for just a moment. However, the eye shields that get put in are EXCRUTIATING! I felt very creeped out. It was like being blind. Also, it was very uncomfortable to get them in and out. My eyes got some red "scrapes" on the top of my eyeball under my eyelids. And they still feel sensitive and it has been 4 days. Full disclosure though: I have had a bad eye surgery experience and so I was very squeemish to begin with about having the eye shields put in my eyes. The shields seem quite big and thick.

I will update in two months or so about the results.

Definitely not worth it!

Did not do a thing. Total waste of money.
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