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I did 4 sessions of Palomar laser, which is a...

I did 4 sessions of Palomar laser, which is a different brand of fractional laser. It doesn't require the blue gel like the Fraxel. I had some mild acne scars, a small dog bite on my cheek, and brown spots.

The brown spots were the first thing to go, right with the first treatment. But the important thing is that my last treatment was five months ago and I'm still seeing improvement. After the fourth treatment my scars were greatly diminished. But as time goes by I find that my skin tone and elasticity gets better every month. It's hard to judge if it's working, because while you're getting the treatments, you look awful. You come home so red, you stay blotchy for weeks, you break out in a million tiny whiteheads, and the improvement is so gradual, but I am very happy with it.

For the first time I'm getting compliments on my skin and people want my doctor's info. It's expensive, but better than surgery. I plan on getting touch ups every five years and also doing my chest and hands.

I never realized how brown spots age you until mine were gone! I was getting a session every four weeks, then between the third and the fourth session I went to Hawaii, got married on the beach, and got sunburned! Well, that sunburn caused new brown spots on my face, which had gotten completely even-toned by then (as you can see in the pic). But the fourth treatment removed the new spots completely. Now I wear sunblock even inside the house.

I added one pic from my first treatment (hurt more than I thought) and one from my wedding, four months and three treatments later.

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