Laser Hair Removal - Not Worth It!

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I had 6 treatments done on my legs, at first...

I had 6 treatments done on my legs, at first everything was good and the hair was gone ! but it's been a year since my last treatment and all the hair has grown back. I purchased a package deal and went in every 8 to 12 weeks. through out the treatments I was hair free and happy, but eventually the hair grew back as I stopped going in.

Laser doesn't work if you have fine hair. It's that simple. I know clinics and doctors will tell you otherwise, because the majority of their clients are women with fine but noticble hair, and they don't want to lose their clients. If your hair is very thick ( like pubic hair and scalp hair) you will get great results, but if you have anything other than that, you won't get results.

One more thing, I noticed reviews prior to mine are giving their treatments thumbs up way too early, you have to wait at least a year to see if laser has worked for you or not!!! The hair will shed and you will have a period of hair free skin, but that doesn't mean the follicle is dead forever.. please keep that in mind, before wasting your money on this.

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