Loved It! Can't Believe I Didn't Do It Sooner!

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I'm very fair skinned, but pretty much looked like...

I'm very fair skinned, but pretty much looked like sasquatch from the waist down before my laser hair treatments.  The hair on my upper body is blonde, including the hair on my head, so I don't know which relative to blame for the lower-body travesty. 

Anyway, after three treatments (lower and upper legs, full bikini, and perianal), I was about 80% hair free.  I'm on the sixth and last treatments and have almost no hair regrowth anywhere.  Only had one teeny tiny burn on my bikini area that went away in two days.  Laser hair removal hurts- be prepared.  I suggest good numbing cream (only do lower legs or upper legs in one treatment- don't cover your body with numbing cream unless you want to end up in the ER), and two Vicoden. 

The pain is gone by the next day and you might have reddish bumps and a little purpura for a week.  But, in my opinion, it's the best money I've spent to date.  I had a professional, dedicated laser nurse do my treamtnets- she works in a well-known costmetic surgeon's office and knows what she is doing.

It's been a year since I began treatments...

It's been a year since I began treatments (finished a few months ago) and I have absolutely no regrowth on my upper or lower legs, and a tiny bit of fine regrowth in my bikini area (harder to treat since the skin is a little darker- my R.N. couldn't turn the laser up as high in this area).  I get one more bikini treatment for free, but I am probably 95% hair free in that area now.

Diane Fownes-Miller, RN, at Roseville Facial Plastic Surgery

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