IPL Burns Darker Skin - California

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In 2009, I went to this Dr. for treatment for...

In 2009, I went to this Dr. for treatment for melasma. Long story short, they recommended IPL. We conducted a test spot and it went well. The next appointment, I got cold feet and wanted just the melasma spots treated. She insisted I would be happier with the whole face. The pain was awful and I think I still experience headaches from the experience. I am so sad that this happened. My life went to Hell for the rest of the year. I had second degree burns all over my face; skin falling off like slabs of meat. I was too ashamed to go to the hospital. My kids think I am crazy.

After this Dr. burned my face (see profile pic) she refunded all but $100. She gave me some hydroquinone and samples of various acidic creams. After a point, the hard sale began to get me to 'try' other lasers/acids.

I am just beginning to be able to hold my head up (defiantly). I have additional PIH scars that I did not have before. Device burns and hypopigment on my face as well as more pronounced melasma due to my natural pigment being lightened. I look like a freak.

This was actually in 2010...I was very traumatized...

This was actually in 2010...I was very traumatized by this and it left white spots in my melasma. The only good thing she did was prescribe Biafine. It saved my face.

I went back several times and she was mortified. She really did all that she could. I got lots of free samples of the Biafine and weekly check ups, had her home number, free mineral make up. Finally, the doctor that owned the facility told her to cut me off. He never even spoke to me even though he was the one that 'talked' me into the procedure. This emulsion saved my face; that and the CosmelanMD. It has been 2 years now?

I began CosmelanMD peels with another Dr. (the one that told me NOT to use lasers on my brown skin and I ignored him). I started the peels and I did notice texture issues. I am not a fan of RetinA as it gives me alligator skin. I am happy with these peels and my skin is evened out in texture and pigment.
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Inexperienced; made it up as she went. No real consultation of the 'cons', just selling the 'pros'. No experience with people of color.

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