I used invisalign to correct a gap in my front teeth. - Disappointed - California, CA

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I used invisalign to correct a gap in my front...

I used invisalign to correct a gap in my front teeth. Unfortunately, my experience was a nightmare. When the Invisalign closed the front gap, my front teeth were pushed back. Great, my gap was closed, however, now my back teeth were not touching, and my front teeth (upper and lower) were crashing together in the front. I had to chew with my front teeth. I was promised a year of invisalign, however, two more sets of trays needed to be ordered (another year), extending my treatment to way longer than antcipated. In the end, my dentist was going to continue with the Invisalign until the end of time. He insisted that he could correct the bite issue. But at what cost? He wanted more money for more trays, and kept telling me that I was not wearing my trays. He's wrong. At no point did a tray not fit due to not wearing the previous one long enough.

After three of my front teeth broke due to the pressure put on them, I finally ended my experience with Invisalign and began my recovery with a Orthodontist.

If you have bite issues at the end of Invisalign, don't wait for your dentist to fix it...call an orthodontist and get yourself into traditional braces. Invisalign may work for some, but in my instance, it did not. I paid $5000 for an Invisalign specialist...Orthodontist $6500. Invisalign priceless...meaning worth nothing, zero. Complete disaster.

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