Braces + Invisalign - Big Smile to Show off

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I had crowded and crooked teeth all my life. When...

I had crowded and crooked teeth all my life. When I turned 50, my dentist recommended I get braces because one of my front teeth was dropping down, and interfering with my bite. I had regular braces because my teeth were too crooked. After the braces came off, I had a traditional metal retainer. After over a year of messing around with it, and my teeth always moving in the wrong direction, I asked my orthodontist about Invisalign. It took two trays only, and now my teeth are perfect and they are staying that way! I am now 56 years old, still have to wear my Invisalign retainer every night, but love my teeth and my smile and my improved bite.

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First, I needed traditional braces, but when they came off, my orthodontist wasted a year trying to use a metal retainer. I was only after I asked him and paid additional money that I changed over to Invisalign, and finally got my teeth settled in for good!

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