California Girl I'm Not

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I'm in my 50's and like alot of baby boomers,...

I'm in my 50's and like alot of baby boomers, spent my youth in the sun trying to get as dark as I could so I could get that "California Girl" next door look. My face and chest have paid the price, however, with some brown spots, a few wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

Still wanting that "look of youth", I began to research non-surgical mini-face lifts on the internet, which is when I came across the Fraxel Laser procedure. The Fraxel results looked great on the people I saw, but I still was not sure. I kept researching.

I was sold on Fraxel as my treatment when I saw Kathy Lee Gifford on The Today Show, the day after her 4th Fraxel treatment. She looked great, especially the day after the laser treatment. I said, ok, this is the one for me.

I was in for a shock of sorts, since it's 3 days after my first Fraxel and my face looks like a round swollen red apple and my eyes are swollen shut! No one ever mentioned the minimum of a week or more "downtime". I find it ironic that I am putting heavy coats of Neosporin and ice on my face, since it's the only thing that seems to work! This is definitely not for everyone!

Is it worth it so far? I have to say NO. There's going to have to be a miracle happening with my face to get me back for the second, third let alone fourth treatment! Maybe my expectations were too high, but I don't think so.

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Make sure a medical professional is doing the procedure, with good results for the past year, at least. Make sure the MedSpa has a great reputation.

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