Gastric Bypass: Frumpy to Fabulous at 44 - California

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I was given the gift of Bariatric Surgery on...

I was given the gift of Bariatric Surgery on December 10, 2007. Initially tipping the scales at 316 pounds (that I would admit), I am now twice the woman in half the body. I am successfully maintaining a 160-pound weight loss, but perhaps more importantly, went from frumpy to fabulous in about 14 months flat. I feel fantastic, have a "normal" BMI (whatever that is), and my annual lab results say I'm perfectly healthy.

I like to say that I feel 25 years younger than I felt when I was 25 years younger -- because it's true! I am no longer limited by my appearance, physical abilities, or emotional shortcomings, and thanks to a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude, I am living an incredibly fulfilling Bariatric After Life.

Bariatric surgery requires a lifelong commitment and willingness to change absolutely everything about yourself. That might sound unachievable, but through support (online, offline, etc.) and therapy, it's doable, manageable and even enjoyable.

It's hard to remember exactly what life was like wearing size 30 jeans and 4X tops. I do know that it involved a lot of pain and sadness -- two things I don't ever wish to marinate in again.

For anyone considering surgery as a treatment for obesity, there are really only two things to know:

1) There is no cure for obesity, and there is no magic.
2) You can do it, if you believe it.

Added pictures :-)

Added pictures :-)

Fountain Valley Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. is an experienced and talented bariatric surgeon who actually introduced the laparoscopic procedure to the group about 8 years ago. He is not a warm and fuzzy guy, but he has a positive "everything's okay" attitude, which doesn't hurt when you're freaking out ;-)

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