Anti-Cellulite Leggings Challenge - California City, CA

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Like most women, I've always suffered with...

Like most women, I've always suffered with cellulite, but never really wanted to spent a lot of money with treatments. I've seen a few reviews here about the Crystal Smooth leggings and thought the price was reasonable, so decided to try. I received the delivery yesterday and I plan to wear it for the full 60 days as advised for the period of 6h a day, if not longer.
I loved the touch of it! They are very thin, feels almost like a tight.
The packaging is quite nice as well, it came nicely wrapped and they also sent a flyer with some info, which is quite useful.
I am posting my my before picture, which I've took last night so, sorry for the bad pic.
I'll try to post pictures every other week to show the results. Hopefully it will get better!!

1st week of Crystal Smooth

I have been wearing my Crystal Smooth leggings for about 9h a day to go to work. I wear them underneath my my jeans, and have to say, they are really comfy..
So far I haven't notice much change, except my skin feels like is more hydrated, I think it might be the smoother skin effect, which is one of the benefits! I will try to post a picture over the weekend!

14 Days wearing Crystal Smooth Leggings

Today is my 14th day wearing the Anti-cellulite leggings. So far, I noticed my skin was nicely hydrated, but haven't seen any difference on my cellulite per say, which is understandable. It has been only 14 days and I am not expecting my cellulite to miracouslouly disappear.
I have to say I am impressed with how light the fabric is and how quick it dries, it only takes a couple of hours, which is amazing considering I have to wear them most of the day!
I will start wearing them to sleep, see if it makes any difference and will post another picture in a week..

38 Days Update

I am half way through the recommended 60 days of wearing the Crystal Smooth Leggings and I have to admit, I actually noticed the difference.
I was sleeping on them, which I though it was quite comfy, but decided to exercise on them instead :)
I cant wait to see how it will be after the 60 days!!

Final Results - 2 months and half wearing Crystal Smooth Leggings

2 months and a half has passed since I started this challenge and can happily say I did see improvements on my cellulite. It hasn't completely removed everything as I was aware it wasn't going to, but I wasn't expecting to see such a difference either. Quite pleased :)
I did wear it for more than the recommended 6 hours. Initially I was sleeping on it and then I also start exercising on it, which I thought it made a lot of difference. I will continue wearing it, and I have also ordered the pyjamas..can't wait!! :)
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