African American Rhinoplasty

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I was a very beautiful girl. I was constantly told...

I was a very beautiful girl. I was constantly told how attractive I was and my life was perfect. My life is now destroyed and I am only 19. I decided to have a nose job which was supposed to be extremely minor. The changes were supposed to be so subtle that no one would notice. My surgeon did a before and after and I was thrilled because it was exactly what I wanted a very subtle change. I trusted him and had no doubts. He has 20+ years of experience and showed me other patients. Throughout the whole process he constantly told me how I have a great nose and he wasn't going to change it. But by the second day after surgery I knew something was wrong just looking at it in the cast. I noticed how upturned and small my nose was. I started sobbing and freaking out. MY doctor of course used the typical excuse all rhinoplasty surgeons use that its "swelling". He has even denied that he has taken out any part of my nose which is untrue because it is so much smaller. HE gave me a small pig snout and now I have to live the rest of my life looking hideous. This was the worst decision of my life and unless you have an actual issue breathing do not ever change your nose. It doesn't matter if you go to a great surgeon or only want small changes because this could also happen to you.


I can't eat or sleep and anytime I do go to sleep I hope I don't wake up. MY whole life has been ruined and it was because of one doctor. We agreed to subtle change and my nose was supposed to look the same. I look like a mutant pig. I am hideous now and my face has been ruined. I cry all day and all I have is regret.

I Have some Hope

My main problem is my tip is over rotated. However I have seen some great revisions for this. It will take time for me to get used to my new nose but once fixed I think I can accept it. The worst part is waiting. Ill have to keep busy the next 4 months until I can get a revision. Its amazing how the tip of the nose can effect the whole thing. For now I have an awesome nose cover that I can wear so I can continue living life until my revision.


I think my nose looks piggy because my columella is gone. Hopefully when I get it fixed it will look more natural. Feeling so much better after speaking with some revision surgeons.

Great News

relieved that the only thing done to my nose was that he used a stitch to bring up the tip. Doctor says the stitch can be cut and my nose will drop back down to normal! Ill have to wait a little while until it can happen but hopefully when it does I will love my nose again. Will post again when I have my end result. Keeping my fingers crossed.

MY new Life

Its been really hard accepting that I will never look like myself again. However Im slowly accepting it. When I wear my nose cover I can feel like my old self. Im going to have to wear my nose cover for the rest of my life when I go out but its ok because I actually love wearing it. At home with friends and family I don't need to wear it . Losing your nose is like grieving a loss but I am slowly getting through it. Im just happy I am out of my dark place. Going out is still fun and I am still me just with a nose cover.

This whole experience has made me so crazy

This whole experience has made me so bipolar but my nose has dropped even more. No one warns you about how emotional this whole thing can me. As my nose drops it gets wider also which is nice because I loved that about my old nose. I have faith that when it drops I won't look so piggy anymore and I can love my new nose. I still think my nostrils are so small now but I actually found a solution. I put silicone plugs in them and they look wider again! Its crazy but it works for me. I just wish my surgeon would have let me know in the beginning just how long the healing process takes because if I had known I would not have gone through with it. I just have to get through to July 17th..its hard but I'm keeping myself busy.

Tired of hearing about how my nose looks good

Photo booth is not an accurate photo taker. You can see in these photos just how different my nose is. No one understands how upsetting this is for me because I was not supposed to have a different nose. My nose was supposed to look the same just with smaller nostrils so yes this has changed my life.


Its just so upsetting because my mother spent 6,000 on this surgery and now even she is so upset. She has started drinking more from all the stress. I went to the dmv today and they didn't even think it was me in my ID photo. Im also scared because now I have pain in my nose whenever it moves. I have to take Xanax to even get 4 hours of sleep a night. I hit the two month mark next week and my nose has barley changed it doesn't matter though because the doctor messed it up. He shortened my nose and I can't get that back without another surgery which I will never do because I have no trust anymore. This is just so hard to deal with.

Miss piggy

These photos show the real difference. You cannot deny the changes. It's especially hard since I wanted to preserve my ethnic nose and now my nostrils and bulbous tip are gone.

Two Months..

Its gonna be my two month mark in 3 days and it just still feels so weird. I miss my old nose so much but at least Im not crying anymore. Trying hard to get used to it.

I am ecstatic!!!!

Yesterday my surgeon removed the stitch from my nose and now miss piggy is gone! My surgeon totally agreed that my nose was raised to high. It was a 40 minute procedure and I was awake the whole time. I am so happy it looks exactly like my old nose just a little smaller.

4 month update

It will be 4 months the 11th of this month since my surgery. I am happy with my nose now and looking forward to seeing how it looks when it is totally healed. It still get swollen in the mornings but settles down throughout the day. I wanted to show the difference taking out the stitch made, it looks 1000000 times better. I only wish my columella would come down a little more and am looking into getting a filler injection for it.
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