Pear Laser Has Ruined my Skin! - California, CA

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I got Pearl (non-fractional) laser to improve the...

I got Pearl (non-fractional) laser to improve the texture of my skin including mild orange peel, fine lines and discoloration. A few days after, it looked like it had removed my pigmentation problems on my cheeks but nothing for the texture. Ever since then, my skin has gotten worse and worse. It now has lumpy white bumps and discoloration in areas where I never had it before.
Please tell me if this ever happens to other patients?? what I can do to treat it? and will it go away or keep getting worse? Everyday my skin keeps looking more horrible. I'm so depressed...

My skin had a little bit of the bad texture and discoloration. After it is 100% worse!!!

The texture is the biggest problem.... All the collagen is also draining from my face....

More before and after

I can't believe this is my face now

Skin is looking better 2 months after pearl and one month after laser genesis

My skin is starting to look a little better. I still have not heard anything from doctors on what could have possibly gone wrong. It is a horrible experience to be embarrassed to have people look at your face when you spend $1000s to look better.
Blue Medispa

It probably wasn't her fault. The Pearl Laser and Genesis must just have this effect on some people. I hope that anyone reading this will never try what I did!!!

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