Lip Injection Flu-symptoms and Chills in my Legs & Arms - California

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I don't understand how injecting juvederm in your...

I don't understand how injecting juvederm in your lips is done by so many people like it's no big deal. How are doctors not addressing the symptoms that come with it. For a healthy person like me who isn't too sensitive, I got flu-like symptoms from the procedure. Throughout my body I had chills, my legs felt weak when I walked, i was shorter with my breathe and I felt a weird anxious/unsettling feeling in my head not exactly like a panic attack, but my body knew something was wrong. I also had trouble sleeping at night. i was able to tolerate, but still i'm surprised how this could be okay for a person. Obviously your body's going to react to it since the substance is made from the toxins of a bacteria. I study microbiology so I have an idea.
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