Why Not a Full Set of Hair All in One Treatment? - California

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As I look trough all this and other pictures and...

As I look trough all this and other pictures and real folks who've been trough the classic hair implants now I see this procedure and in my particular point of view is almost the same, I was thinking, I mean they do brain surgery and other amazing surgeries, why not do a hair implant but all in one? Remember the native Americans? They used to scalp the death (or alive) warriors from enemy tribes, why not do one of those but taking out the full set of hair from either a living donor or in the worst scenario from a death but clean donor? They already do transplants from corneas to livers and all organs in between, well why not include a full set of thick and nice hair? Just an idea but even if it sounds not doable just give it a thought maybe there's a hair surgeon reading this and there's a whole new procedure in the near future hey! Bald folks will never end and a full set of hair is in their dreams, thanks!
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