Female African American Rhinoplasty - California, CA

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I was a very attractive girl who was always being...

I was a very attractive girl who was always being told how beautiful I was. I was even supposed to start a modeling gig this month. My life was perfect and I was always known as the funny girl and have always been popular. My whole life has been destroyed because I decided to have a nose job. The procedure was supposed to be very minimal with little to no difference. I saw the doctors other photos and you could barley tell they had any work done. He is a reputable surgeon and rhinoplasty expert but he botched my nose. I didn't want to look different. My nose is now super reduced and looks operated. The doctor claims to know how to do african american noses but completely ruined mine. He over reduced my nostrils and lifted my tip extremely high leaving m with a short upturned nose. This was the biggest mistake of my life and I have lost all sense of my identity. I cannot recognize myself when I look in the mirror. 6000 wasted and my self image destroyed. I will never forgive myself for this. I am now living a reclusive life only interacting with close family and 2 select friends and don't think I will ever function in the real world again. All I can say is you are absolutely beautiful the way you are and should never change anything about yourself. what you are born with is always best. Please no matter what you think of your nose or another part of yourself don't ever ever change it. There is to much of a risk.
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