21 Years Old, 5'0", 107 Lbs, Current 32B, Getting 425 or 450cc

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Hey girls. My BA is 4 days away. I am so excited...

Hey girls. My BA is 4 days away. I am so excited and anxious I just want it to happen already!! Right now I'm scared that recovery will be super painful. And second, I hope I've chosen a big enough cc for me. The first pictures I am uploading are my BEFORE pictures. I'll post some of my wish pictures afterwards. Wish me luck!

Wish pictures.

I hope mine turn out like this.

The night before.

Trying so hard not to freak!! I know tomorrow morning when I wake up and drive to the office I will... I'm sooo excited... it feels surreal... my palms are already sweating and whenever I imagine the procedure my heart skips a beat. Wish me luck and please pray for me girls. Thank you so much real self, this app has been an amazing aid in helping me with this surgery.

Surgery finished!

Wow, what a crazy experience. I'm now wrapped in bandages. The pain is bad but nothing I can't handle for now.. I can't wait to see them tomorrow.

Tylenol with codeine not enough for pain relief.

Someone please help me my pain meds are not working st all I'm in so much pain. My left breast feels like a surge of energy is going through it but my right feels fine. I can barely breathe because when I breathe deep it hurts. I'm in so much pain I can't stop crying

Second day post op.

Last night had to have been one of the worst, I know today will be too. My follow up appointment is this afternoon, where I will express my pain to my plastic surgeon. I have finally seen what they look like without the gauze.. here is a picture.

Currently hating life

I can't stop crying. My PS gave me a shot for the pain but it didn't help one bit. This surge through my left breast is unbearable. I'm so frustrated I just want this week to be over I can't handle this anymore

Pain still here

The sharp pain in my left breast is unbearable and agonizing my doctor told me it's because they used a bigger implant on the smaller breast but it's so sensitive and a sharp pain happens either when I stand or adjust the bra. I am now taking two tylenols with codeine every four hours to ease the pain and even that is not helping. I'm not sure what to do I just want it to end

Worst three days of my life.

My right breast is healing fine. My left is killing me. Doc says it's because I went from a small A cup to a small D cup, but it is unbearable. I want this to be over. I just want to enjoy my augmentation and so far it's verb the most painful experience i Have ever had.

Fourth day.

Hi girls. I'm not going to lie,the first couple days have been so rough. Thankfully I have amazing friends and family that are helping me. I still have pain in my left breast but it's less than yesterday and for that I am thankful. I am really hoping tonight I can take off my compression bra and see what they look like.

First time.

First time I've seen them without bandage and compression bra. Still having spasms through left.

Morning boob

I'm getting so frustrated it's My nephews birthday party today and I still am not able to get out of bed I just want to feel like myself nothing seems to be getting easier

Trying my best

I'm going to try my best to be active and have a little more movement. This pain is horrible. I'm ready for the drop and fluff. They look sooooo frankenboob lol

One week exactly.

One week ago exactly was my augmentation. The pain is still there but still manageable. I'm tired of sleeping on my back. I needed to take one more week off work. Trying to do arm excersizes because I am a waitress and need to get back to work ASAP. I'm also soooo bloated. Can't wait for that to go down. Although I'm still in pain, I couldn't help but try on a bralette that I didn't like on me before.

Morning boob.

It hurts so bad. Especially because I wake up several times during the night to go to the bathroom. When will this pain end?????

Another day.

Right is def dropping faster than the left but loving them so far more and more everyday!! Finally out of that funk! (Besides morning boob UGH)

Loving them.

So today, went in for my post op appointment. I start massages today so finally they will start to drop. They are already looking amazing, I can't wait to see them over time. Here is another picture.

Day 13.

So happy.


Three weeks out

Looking better. Starting to feel better. Very sensitive to touch. Side profile still sucks.. really wanting and hoping they get way more softer than they are now. Starting to feel like real boobs haha.


My right is dropping so much quicker than my left.... it sucks

7 weeks.

Left is still a little behind. I've been trying to massage to make it drop quicker. Pain is pretty much gone at this point. :) side profile lowering finally!

Getting really frustrated.

My left is dropping so slow. Left nipple isn't aligned with right. Right is rounding out and dropping. Left seems like it hasn't done much dropping at all. U can't really tell in the picture but u can tell in person and when I wear a shirt with no bra you can see my nipples don't align. I'm worried because I've been massaging a lot too. :(


I still can't believe I have boobs now. Even though I know they still have ways to go, today I LOVE them. So happy. :-)

Dr. Kattash and his staff were so amazing helping me with my breast augmentation. He was very straightforward with what he would think would fit best with my body type. I'm extremely pleased with my results so far and my surgery was less than 6 weeks ago. I'm so happy that I decided to go to Dr. Kattash. Thank you to Dr. Kattash and his staff for all the help, my self confidence has improved 100% because of this surgery. :)

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