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While I have alot of friends that are using these...

While I have alot of friends that are using these products with great success, I think I have had a really bad reaction to it. I am curious if others have had the same experience. I did my first wrap the day I started my period (by coincidence). I left it on for 45 min. My period stopped immediately only to start back up 4 days later. I did lose inches and was happy with the results but that did concern me a bit. But I wanted to do it again because of the results. So one week later I did the wrap but this time I will admit I did not drink the amount of water they recommended. By the third day I had a headache, sensitivity to light, and blurred vision. Then the 4th day almost passed out so I went to the ER. My blood pressure was EXTREMELY high (abnormal for me) so they gave me IV fluids and did an EKG. EKG was fine and my urine test was clear. I have had diarrhea, a headache, stomach cramps, and lightheadedness for going on 4 days now. It started on the 4th day after my wrap. Im just curious if not drinking water can really do this much damage? When I got the fluids in me I did feel a bit better but still only at about 50% of myself. Again, I dont want to bed mouth the company as I have alot of friends who are taking the products and seeing great results. Im just sad Im having these reactions.

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