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I have wanted a breast reduction/lift for...

I have wanted a breast reduction/lift for practically my entire adult life. But it was always something that I didn't think could/would happen for some reason. After having several female-related surgeries, I swore I wouldn't do surgery again. But now I find myself on the verge of a reduction, and scared!

It's the morning after. Still in hospital. Doing...

It's the morning after. Still in hospital. Doing ok... percocet does nothing for me, so they are giving me iv dilauded until they can reach dr to switch to vicodin. The pain is of a burning quality, that radiates around ribcage and to the back if we don't stay on top of it. Dilauded takes it from a 6 or 7, down to a very nice 1. But it only lasts about 2-3 hours and makes me very woozy. Hopefully they get ahold of dr soon to switch out the percocet. One tip for all u ladies.. if staying overnight, ask for earplugs!

OK, so now I am a little over 2wks post op. The...

OK, so now I am a little over 2wks post op. The girls look great, but having an issue with left nipple. It is darker than the other. This was noticed at the first unveiling, freaked me out. Dr. said was fine- had great perfusion. Fast forward a week later, dr. says still will be fine, but top layer of skin will slough off. Lots of bruising on that same breast with hard area. Dr. says nothing to drain... but I suspect there is a bit of hematoma that he is letting absorb. I am loving the shape and size of both breasts. Incisions are healing GREAT- no redness or open spots so far. More pain in affected breast of course- controlled with occasional advil. Both breasts swell with activity, but go down with rest.

So far I am happy I had this done. I am waiting for longer term results before I give it a thumbs up tho. I am extremely happy with size, nipple placement, shape, and very little visible scarring so far. I am still waiting to see how left nipple heals before I say he did a PERFECT job!
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