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I've been thinking about have a breast...

I've been thinking about have a breast augmentation ever since I was probably 13 and my breasts never really developed properly. They were always "tuberous" and far apart. I hated not having round breasts and having pointy ones instead.

Flash forward 20 years, with 2 pregnancies and 3 years of breastfeeding & exclusive pumping. Also a 70 pound weight gain twice with both pregnancies. And my breasts are even more sad than before.
I had no idea at 13 that it could be any worse ????????
And I'm not even going to mention the stretch marks and mommy pooch. ????

So I'm left with asymmetric, saggy, small, mom boobs.

Soooo I'm finally done with pumping and I'm 100% sure I'm done having kids.

I found this website and have been stalking all the reviews & questions I can!
I've been researching the 3 local plastic surgeons in the area and have selected one.
I booked a consultation for September. Which is good because I'd like to lose a little more weight before hand. I'm currently 5'7" and 145 lbs. I'd like to see if I can lose 15 lbs before the consult. Booking that just gave me major motivation too.

So this is the start of my story and I hope I can help others and maybe make some friends!
Since I've appreciated all the stories out there, it's nice to have my own. And because I'm not ready to talk about this with my friends yet. I'm not exactly sure how my mommy group will take the news.
Part of me says my breasts are just fine, who ever sees them besides my husband who loves me regardless? And why am I spending so much money on myself when I have a family?
But honestly I read an amazing blog last night and the Mother was saying that just because we gave our bodies up for our children it doesn't mean with have to live with the results and not have confidence in our own skin.

Isn't fixing and enhancing yourself with new breasts the same as buying a flashy sports car that you don't need, but you want because it makes you happy?
I just hate going to the pool or beach with my kids and being insecure with my saggy small deflated obvious mom boobs ????

Ok more after my consult!

Here are my before pics I guess. I still cannot believe my boobs are on the Internet. Wow!
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