Lift/augmentation - Implants Are Too Big

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After having three children, the size and...

After having three children, the size and appearance of my breasts were very undesirable and felt that cosmetic surgery was the only way to go to correct the appearance.

It's been about 10 months since my breast lift / augmentation. At the time of consult, I was very clear with the desired size of my breast, requesting to be at most a very full C cup. I absolutely love my surgeon, so I'm not trying to post anything negative about him here - my area of concern now is that I am no smaller than a DD. I am only 5'2 and 105 lbs, so I feel very unporportioned for my size and uncomfortable. I want to go back to him to express my feelings.

While I love the fact that my breasts are no longer sagging, I feel they are too big for my size and am completely uncomfortable with the end result. If I could just get them redone for a smaller size, I know that I would be so much happier.

Will I have to get whole new implants in? And if so will it be my responsibility to pay for a whole new surgery? Any suggestions on approaching him? He's been so proud of "his work" and I do feel bad for going back to him about this, but end result is that I need to be happy and I'm simply not.

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I did have other areas of treatment done, so while I'm unhappy with the size of my breasts, I do feel that the rest of the work performed was satisfactory and am pleased with the results.

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