Blinded by Botox Injected for Hemifacial Spasm

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I had Botox injected for hemifacial spasm three...

I had Botox injected for hemifacial spasm three weeks ago and am suffering from a paralyzed lower eyelid and total loss of functional use of my eye. (I now have a bandage lens and various interventions to deal with the lid paralysis.)

Checked yesterday, my vision in the afflicted eye was 20/200. I have to keep the eye patched in order to use my good eye.

While the disorder is annoying, that discomfort pales in comparison to the functional blindness I suffered as a complication of Botox. I obviously would not do this again.

The known risk of "blurred vision" hardly seems adequate to describe this outcome. My doctor has not explained, except to say I must be sensitive to Botox. Can anyone help me understand what went wrong here?
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