Removal of Biopolymers ("PMMA") Next Week! My ENTIRE Journey So Far - Cali, CO

Hi Ladies...My name is "Anna" from Cali (pm me for...

Hi Ladies...My name is "Anna" from Cali (pm me for specific personal info) and I would like to share my journey for those who have had any type of "butt shots" and are having complications. First I would like to thank those who came before me on this board and who are courageous enough to share their experiences with all of us. Without these stories, I would not have any info, support, or hope.

I was blessed with a nice sized butt and big hips. However, growing up that wasn't cool...I was made fun of a lot, and embarrassed of my shape. I wish I could go back in time and appreciate and love my body for what it was...but we can't change the past.
In 2007, I had lipo to remove my saddlebags. The doctor took out a lot, but at the time I was happy with the results.
In 2011, I started to lose weight. I lost 20 lbs, and suddenly I had NO butt, my hips were becoming concave. I was dating a guy who loved curves and I felt very insecure and inadequate. I began the journey of pretty much trying to get back what I was born with.
I had my first BBL in NY in 2011, I was too thin and it was not successful. Waste of 6K. I was VERY against silicone, hydrogel, all that...I wanted a quick fix, though.
In my research, I found PMMA, which was supposed to be this biocompatible material that is injected into the muscle to expand the muscle size-they said it works great when you work out, it builds inside the muscle even more to give you curves....I liked the way it sounded. My friend and I went to the Bioplasty Center in Colombia in 2012 for our first round of PMMA...although it helped some, it disappeared over the following year. When we tried to go back for more, we were told we were nuts and greedy (should have listened).
I then found Clinic Estetica in Tijuana. Let me tell you, this place is now CLOSED, I assume because they messed so many people up. We went in 2013, and my butt was HUGE at first but went down real fast...I started getting suspicious. I developed little lumps about 6-9 months later, and called the clinic to complain that I now had flat hips again (there is not a lot of muscle in that area), my butt wasn't so big, and lumps! Diana and Dr. Morales from the office told me "No...oh honey, we can fix that! We will inject the lumps with kenalog for you and we have a new product now, even more pure PMMA (ha!) we can make the butt and hips bigger again. My friend and I went once again in 2014 for injections of "PMMA" (I think we found out afterward it was Metacrill or Artefill or whatever). This time, it took only about 3 months before I started feeling even more lumps. They told me have my dermatologist here inject the lumps with kenalog....didn't help. Since that time, I have had increasingly more and bigger lumps in my hips, top of my lateral thigh and butt. I mean, it feels like I have a bag of frozen peas (or bigger) in my hips at this point. It is disgusting to feel, and at night the area is itchy and hot.
I started exploring ways to cover it up because I did not have the courage to have anything removed, I am so vain I thought "there is no way I can live with a smaller butt and my hips are already concave!" I can pull it off under clothes, I've learned to dress to look curvy as hell, but....
I went to Dr. Shahine in Manhattan NY because my friend found something on instagram about how he removes product by bringing it up to the surface and draining it out from the butt and then does fat graft (BBL). What a joke. The office was gross, like a slum...the consult was with the receptionist. They had pics of bodies and told us it was celebrities...then I heard from others he will botch you so badly. NEXT.
Then I went to Dr. Schulman in NYC, and he said he would not touch the product, he didn't feel it was harmful. He offered to do a fat graft (BBL) AROUND the product so I would look better and wouldn't feel the lumps! I almost went for it.
Then I consulted online with Dr. Salama in Miami, whose receptionist was so convincing...she assured me he can do a beautiful BBL despite the product...I left an $800 deposit that I don't think I can get back.
Then my mom came with me to Dr. Tehrani in NY. He was the MOST convincing...the office said he does removal often, using liposuction. By this time, all the women on realself were telling me that's NOT okay, but I was still in denial! I wanted a quick fix. I begged the office to order an MRI even though the obviously never did that bc they had no idea how to order it. They told me they would give me info on another patient who had it done there, who gave consent. Well, it was the patient's roommate (she supposedly didn't speak English) who told me oh yes, he got most of it out, he did great. Yet, I kept asking for pics and she promised to send then stopped answering. Shady but I was still hopeful.
My mom came with me to the consult...he was SO promising, saying yes...I can lipo it out, and do a fat graft at the same time. He said the fat cells wouldn't die, no big risk of infection....the opposite of what EVERY other doctor says. He wanted $18K. I decided to reconsider my standpoint.
I had been saying all along that I could not take off work for 3-4 weeks, could not hide this surgery, could NOT live for months with a flat butt until I can have a BBL to have a body again! etc. Well, I finally surrendered to the fact that this is the only way. I gave up.
I called Gallerani in Florida but I would have to fly there for a consult, then she told me I will def be disfigured and that I cannot have BBL for 6 months to a year. The quoted price was "10-20K" She also said I would be cut open in two areas, and have drains for a month. I continued reading the reviews on here.
I went to Dr. Mir in NY because he takes insurance. He was very nice and knowledgeable and obviously does the removal to prevent women from dying. However, he didn't like that I was concerned with my appearance, and that I plan to get a BBL after I am healed. He seemed disapproving, and I felt judged. The scar was all the way across the lower back. He told me he would not even consider doing my removal until I thought about it for weeks. I don't have that kind of time, my job will be skeleton crew in the summer. I called a week later and they told me "he doesnt feel you're ready" and that he performs this surgery on women who are very sick and are not concerned about their appearance anymore, only their health. I understand. But I'm not willing to get sicker before i get help.
I read so much about Dr. Rios...I didn't want to travel out of the US, ever again. But this is not the DR, it's Colombia. I read journeys like Florida_2016 who gave me hope. I am leaving with another girl on Tuesday 3/1 to fly there, my surgery is 3/3. I am nervous but am willing to share this if it helps others who are trying to make a decision. I will attach photos later, I promise. I can post some "before" pictures so you know what I'm starting with today.


These are now, recent, so you know what I'm starting with 4 days pre-op. I have lumps on either side and in the cheeks

3 days post-op

Hi ladies!
I would like to keep you all in the loop...
I feel like I've been here forever, but it's only been five days. Surgery was three days ago and in case you haven't read any of my replies to the comments, I'm doing pretty well. Yes you definitely need to be emotionally prepared for the way you look afterward. Right now I have a lot of dents in my butt and my lower back and I'm very bruised. But from what I have heard, the dents are because he does internal sutures which then dissolve slowly over the next few weeks and the skin comes back out so it doesn't look puckered. The sutures are down to hold your skin connected to your tissue inside so that the skin doesn't sag. The doctor told me I had big butt muscle (I did a lot of heavy weights and squats) so I may not be too flat after. Still planning on getting the BBL in 2 months if all heals nicely. I'm so grateful I did this. Even if I have a flatty for awhile

These are graphic pictures of what was removed by dr Rios

I feel it would be a disservice to not post pictures of what was taken out of me during my surgery March 3rd. This is pretty gross. The doctor sends the material taken out (in several separated bags) home with you (to the recovery house) and the nurse makes sure when u go back to the clinic the next day, you have the stuff with you. It's then sent out for biopsies. Mine was a lot of hard lumps, a lot of my own tissue and parts of the superficial layer of muscle that was affected by this crap.

9 days post-op, will take pics in a few days

Hi ladies...
Just wanted to say I'm hanging in there...I have 10 days until I go home. I'm very nervous about being home looking like this. I feel like once I'm not in the environment where this is commonplace, I will feel very alienated and self conscious. A lot of the women here have shown us the padded panties they wear which look pretty nice. I don't know how I feel about "fooling people" but I don't think I will have a choice for awhile. I cannot believe how many women I've met here so far who have had the removal with Dr.'s pretty eye-opening. Tomorrow, I am moving to a new recovery house which is in the city and about 5-10 minutes from the clinic instead of 40! The drive down this mountain is getting to me. I miss having a car and going wherever I want when I need something! A lot of people message me privately to ask if it's safe here...
I wouldn't walk around at night alone, but it seems safe. You will always be with a driver, who can take you into a store or whatever, and you will make fast friends at a recovery house.
I'm sorry, I know everyone wants to see pics, but I don't like taking them daily because I'm still very bruised and the dents in my butt/back make me feel sad (I know it can take over a month for them to resolve, or maybe they won't...I hope so). I am sitting on the "boppy" pillow here but BRING YOUR OWN because the one they sell you here is a round donut, it doesn't have one side open so it squishes your butt!! I find it uncomfortable, so I fold it under my thighs. Yesterday we went to the supermarket again, and tried to find eyelash-lengthening mascara at a nearby plaza lol

It is hard for me to post these pics but I will

12 days post op. I have a lot of fluid in my back, I get drained every day but it keeps accumulating and now the drains are incision has become inflamed either because of my diet (which has been very strict and good except one piece of cake) or I'm bending and sitting too much

Currently unable to come home as scheduled...I'm sorry I did this, in a way

I have so much to say but feel drained. Can't find charger for my laptop. I have an opening on the bottom of the may be infected. I'm so disgusted. I am sick of being in this country. Well...after 2 weeks of being here, Dr. Rios saw me one time the day after surgery (March 4) and then he saw me yesterday March 18, bc my incision is now red and inflamed. Yesterday I got to ask him the questions I have had for two weeks...I think I should have been seen a lot sooner but we are seen daily at the clinic for massages, oxygen chamber, dressing I guess their answer is that if there's a problem, one of their skilled nurses will communicate that. Idk...I think everyone should be seen more frequently by the surgeon they are paying for. The office just raised their prices to $5300 and up. The dr is in surgery Mon-Thurs, so on Fridays the office is PACKED with ppl waiting for consults, post-op checks, etc. It's like a zoo in there. Actually, every day is swamped in there. In my opinion, they need to move to a bigger location, hire more staff, and have the Dr. operate only 3 days per week so he has time for follow-ups.
I asked about why I am still feeling these lumps on my laterals and his answer was that the tool he uses does not reach that far, he gets all he can from the area once he goes in, but I would have needed 2 surgeries to get it all out. Didn't tell me that when I initially met with him and told him, "Dr, i can't stand these lumps on my hips anymore!! Please help me."
The girls there told me when I come back for BBL (IF I go back) then he repeats the MRI and he can take out a little more of this crap at the same time as a BBL. Which really raises a lot of questions in my head...but let me tell you. Almost no one there speaks English. Good luck standing there at the desk of the clinic for hours, trying to use the translator on your phone.,.or better yet, in the middle of a nurse changing your dressing, then gasping and saying something in Spanish and you don't know what. I'll write more later. sorry I am feeling drained. I want to go home

I will add full update soon, but these are my pics from 3 days ok

The Dr told me it's ok to fly back to US like this and to hire a wound care nurse for 2-3 weeks. I was also advised to have a nurse friend drain the fluids by needle aspiration since it isn't done by nurses in the US. Idk about any of u, but I don't have friends like that. He said that traveling does NOT pose risk of the incision opening due to the pressure on the plane...he actually said, "if that were true, your implants would pop also. Our heads would explode if the plane pressure has that effect."
Idk if this is true or not, everyone else told me it's a risk. Anyway I made the pilgrimage back yesterday. It was pretty rough. I just woke up in my own bed and feel like an invalid. I'm scared everything I do will open this worse. I had no idea what the openings looked like until the nurse took these pics (the dr made me a video like a tutorial in Spanish to give to whatever friend was going to volunteer to do my wound care) it's currently a wet-to-dry dressing with antimicrobial sponge. Good times! I am still glad to be home.

Went to Wound Care center today- Santuario made the wrong call.

Just wanted to say...I was sent home from Colombia with "discharge instructions" -a video Dr Rios made in Spanish, addressed to my bilingual friend who is not a nurse. I cannot understand it but it depicts a "simple wet-to-dry dressing" that he assured me would close the wound in 2-3 weeks.
Today, I went to the wound care center. I had an in-depth 5.5 hour intake. Several people on staff were called into the room to see this mess. It was embarrassing. I kept getting asked why I went to Colombia, and my defense was "this is one of the only doctors who knows what he is doing." Everyone just sort of looked away when the surgeon today pointed out that I still have the silicone in my sides and butt.
Bottom line:
**** The surgeon ordered a wound vac for me. I also need a home care nurse who will come twice a week (and I have to go back to the center once a week also for measurements and other testing). I have two wounds that "undermine" at 2cm underneath the skin at this point. A wound vac is going to be used for "a few MONTHS" to close them, but first they have to cut me open next week to form one bigger wound which would be easier to close. I am told straight out by the surgeon that no scar creams or strips can prevent the inevitable...this can't close in a way that is NOT raised, because the edges are going to close as two layers of scar tissue that eventually meet. There's no way around that. The edges are not approximated and can't be assisted through any products. They are already calling in the plastic surgeon to evaluate this so that I can have the scar revised as soon as it's healed enough. The surgeon felt bad because I am trying to start my life again, I thought I'd come home somewhat healed and could go back to work and start dating...
So yeah. For all you Colombia hopefuls...the best of luck to you. Again, not bashing anyone (the office manager already screencapped my last update and told me I was being offensive to the practice). Just sharing my experience. I wish I stayed in the states and begged Dr Mir to do my surgery. He does some pretty nice work from what I hear these days.

My shape still looks big...but my hips are still full of this product

Hello ladies… It's been a while since I posted photos. I just want to let you all know that size and shape are not everything when it comes to recovery. Yes, my butt is still a little bit full. At least fuller than I imagined it would be. However, I think a lot of it is still swelling and inflammation. And unfortunately, as the inflammation goes down each day I feel more and more lumps that are definitely still biopolymers. It makes me feel like this was all so Trumatic and in the end I am still scared for my health. I don't ever want to go to this operation again. It has been an emotional and physical beat down. I continue to say that the doctor probably should have cut me open across the lower back so that he could remove more of this product and I don't understand why he didn't do that. I am not bashing Dr Rios, I just think that this would have been worth it if this stuff was actually out of my body. All those balls that I showed you guys that came out of me in the cup... I still feel them. I'm tired of people telling me that you often need two surgeries for this. I get that some of the stuff is not findable the first time... However, I was in a recovery house with a woman who had 7 kg of the stuff come out of her at one time. And she's very thin. So you cannot tell me that this doctor couldn't take more out on me during the first surgery since it is very palpable. It wasn't like it's hiding somewhere or he may reach the maximum of what he could take out at once. Her surgery was done by the same doctor three days after mine.
I will gladly help anyone who has questions about the surgery, but I appreciate if you read my whole story before asking me questions that are already answered in the body of the story. I'm not trying to be rude, but this is time consuming. I keep getting comments such as, "which doctor did you go to?" To be honest, I would like to stop posting updates because I don't want to even see these pictures of myself and I am disgusted with this process but I feel like it is my responsibility to keep giving my honest experience. Good bad and indifferent

Done posting

Hey guys... So I've been posting faithfully for a month now. If I hear one more person tell me to be positive and look at the bright I am not sure what you ladies think I am doing when I'm not posting. Sitting in a corner of my room feeling sorry for myself? This is ridiculous. I am writing the parts of my story that people may not anticipate. I am telling you the negative because I want you to have facts if you decide to do this. I am done posting because all the feedback I get makes me sound like I am a really negative person when that isn't the case. I wake up every morning and thank God for my life. I have family and friends who have been wonderful through this journey and I am very grateful for them. I look out my back window and I do my arm exercises and deep breathing to promote circulation. Every day I go to the appointments I need to go to to get my health better. I have been supportive of other people who are going through this journey as well. I am just a bit tired of people telling me what to write. I wish in a way that I had not posted anything about the negatives, so you all can find out for yourself when you go through it and then I could read your stories and tell you to stop being negative lmao Wishing you ladies all the best of luck.

Here is my update: I am waiting to see how the doctor responds to my questions and plea for help

I am just writing this to say:
I plan to reach out to dr Rios this week and ask about how he can help with this problem. I am still on a wound vac and out of work. The lumps on my sides are more prominent every day as the swelling goes down. My wound care center ordered a CT scan this week to make sure I have no bone infection but also to check for foreign bodies. I plan to ask the doctor if he can remove some more lumps if I go to him for reconstruction in the fall bc I am scared. These lumps are sharp and close to the surface, it almost feels like I could take a knife and cut them right out.

I had a conversation this morning with someone from his office

I know they read my posts in this board. I am going to say this: I am waiting to see Dr Rios in NY. I find it difficult to believe but he is allegedly coming and will see me here since I am not going back there for another consult. I heard a lot of strange things today I disagree with but I will hold my tongue for now. Meanwhile here's my sexy wound


Ladies, I want you all to understand something… Everyone is messaging me asking me for advice or telling me that they are going to Dr Rios because of something I said. That is not my intention. My surgery had complications, and didn't turn out the way I wanted it to in terms of removing the balls in my hips which is why I went there in the first place. HOWEVER I am not suggesting that anybody stay out of the country because of my experience. If you are having symptoms, then you need to take care of it and Dr Rios is certainly an option. I definitely believe that you should request to be the first patient of the day, and that you should talk to him about the way he is going to cut you open. If you have a lot of product inside you, I suggest you ask him directly to cut you open across the back even if it is a bigger scar. I highly recommend you speak to someone in the office about an interpreter before you go. If you can travel with somebody who speaks Spanish, then do so. Those are My suggestions. Be safe and well

I have been in pain, and have more hard "marbles" in my hips than before the removal :(

Just wanted to let you all know, I have been having more symptoms now than I did prior to seeking help from Dr. Rios. I finally found a doctor near me who MIGHT be willing to order me the MRI tomorrow so I can see for myself. I would love to know where the doctor took the stuff out of me, since it's still in my hips, all over my back pain recently returned as well, so I doubt it's out from that area.
Aaaaanyway...Ive been walking every day , doing yoga and daily meditation to reduce stress. I have 2 jobs, have been very busy. I do normal things as if this is not happening, because I honestly don't know what to do.

PS in NY who does removal and will take my case

Hi ladies… I didn't want to leave you all hanging with my story. I went to a doctor on Long Island that I heard of, but I don't know anyone personally who has had removal with her. She is ordering the MRI, but for now… She palpated all the areas that concern me. She seems extremely educated and knowledgeable with this material. She was explaining to me why we cannot have a fat transfer until at least 80% of the material is removed. It leaves dead space where there is still free particles, and the fat cannot live in the dead space. It has to be sealed in order for the body to accept fat...I don't know, there was so much information that she gave me that I could never repeat accurately. I'm not a doctor lol. She told me a lot of harsh reality about my case, that liposuction was used in addition to the excision during the removal process for me, and that this probably contributed to displacing more of the material. From what she can help me without looking at the MRI, she agreed that I am still full of silicone. It's very upsetting. But she is willing to take my case which is good news. She does surgery out of the hospital on Long Island and does it through insurance if your case is causing medical problems. For me, she showed me where my skin is starting to be discolored now. I can't believe I have more symptoms now than I did before… I wish I went somewhere else first, but that doesn't matter now. What matters is that I have hope. I'm very disturbed to think about going through more disfigurement and having to heal all over again with additional scars... But I don't want to lose my skin. I don't want to die from this!
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

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